Easy Ways To Treat Beard-Related Acne

    Most men who decide to grow a beard spend a considerable amount of time to ensure that their facial hair looks its best. But if you have facial hair, it’s possible that the skin under your beard might not be getting the same type of care as the rest of your face. If you’re just starting to grow a beard, you may find that your skin may react negatively to the change, resulting in acne and other spots. Acne is a skin condition that should be taken seriously, and while you can certainly go to a dermatologist to get help for this skin problem, there are ways that you can treat and prevent acne at home. To treat beard-related acne and other bumps under your beard, try following these easy tips to keep your skin clear and healthy.

    Cleanse Well

    During the day, your facial hair collects dirt and bacteria that can cause acne under your beard. This is why it’s important to wash your beard and the skin underneath it after spending time outdoors. Use a mild facial cleanser to cleanse both your bird and your skin, taking time to work the cleanser under your beard. After rinsing with warm water, inspect the skin under your beard for blackheads. You can use a blackhead extraction tool such as a loop extractor to unclog your pores without damaging the surrounding skin. However, don’t use the tool on pimples as pricking a pimple may cause it to leave a mark on your face.

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    Cut back on the Beard Oil

    Men often use beard oil to keep their facial hair soft, but some beard oils can cause acne especially for those who are already prone to getting pimples. You may want to decrease the amount of beard oil that you use or skip it entirely if you’re experiencing breakouts. If you can’t do without this product, look for a non-comedogenic or natural beard oil to keep facial hair looking and feeling great.

    Use a topical anti-acne medication

    Topical anti-acne medication or products are available over the counter and come in different variants. You can get a gel, ointment, or a cream which contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Both ingredients fight pimples and can keep the skin under your beard clear. If you want to go the natural route, use tea tree oil which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help get rid of acne. Use a clean cotton bud to apply the gel, cream, or oil on spots, taking care not to press too hard. Spread a thin layer over the surrounding skin to prevent breaking out in those areas.

    Keep your hands off your face

    One of the best ways to prevent pimples is to keep your hands off your face and beard. The bacteria on your hands may cause acne and can worsen the problem. It’s also a good idea to practice frequent hand washing and to use clean handkerchiefs or washcloths to wipe your face. Changing your pillowcase frequently can also help to prevent pimples.

    Follow these easy tips to keep the skin under your beard clear and healthy. You’re sure to feel more confident once you’ve gotten rid of acne for good.  


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