‘Shaveducking’ The Beard Dating Trend

    With facial hair becoming ever more popular with trends such as Movember and Decembeard, there seems to be a direct correlation with women looking for bearded men through dating apps. The need to find a suitable partner through swiping and superliking has become the mainstream norm in society amongst young and old.

    How people look in photos and on social media now dictates how people view one another, the perfect filter or selfie can improve your likeability online.

    Recent studies have found that women are starting to notice the structure of men’s faces more, paying close attention to their masculine features such as facial hair and jawline. Some people are questioning the attractiveness of bearded men and are starting to wonder how defined their dates hidden facial features truly are.

    man and woman kissing under sheet

    It begs the question; how many men use their beard to make themselves more attractive or to help encourage a stronger masculine facial structure?

    This increase in finding bearded men online dating gives way to a new social dating trend called ‘shaveducking’, an uneasy feeling that a person gets when they question the attractiveness of a future bearded partner.  To ‘shaveduck’ someone is to feel confusion or unease towards a man purely because of his beard, questioning whether you are attracted to him as a person or just his facial fuzz.

    Studies have shown that this feeling can pop up any time when dating or in a relationship and can often lead to a repulsive feeling when the man decides to shave his beard.

    In all the recent online trends, we have to admit that when we heard about this one, we thought it sounded ridiculous. We understand that some people only date men with beards but this isn’t a reason to abandon a bearded brother when he decides to shave.

    Our advice to anyone worried about how attractive a man is without his beard would be to simply ask for some photos of him shaven; at least then you know how handsome he looks either way. If you are still questioning dating a bearded man then be sure to read this article – Do bearded men make better lovers? 


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