Travel Accessories for the Man Who Loves Adventure

    If you’re always on the move, looking for that new adventure, then you probably love gadgets and accessories. The right travel tool can lighten your load and make life on the road easier. This means you can delve deeper into the wilderness, allowing you to select a travel adventure which is even more exhilarating. So, what are the essential tools for an adrenaline seeking adventurer?

    Swiss Army Knife

    This is the ultimate multi-purpose accessory, that should be a permanent part of any adventure backpack. The best Swiss army knife is small and compact, but packed with useful features. The blade is your main tool. Is it strong and sharp enough to deal with everything you need out in the wild? A screwdriver, bottle opener and corkscrew are useful at home, but out in the woods you should prioritise a good range of blades.

    Many Swiss army knives also come with a fork and spoon, which means you have everything you need to feed yourself when travelling. This pocket sized accessory can fulfil basic survival needs, making it the perfect travel item. This really is the essence of minimalist functionality.

    Pocket Wash Bag

    There’s no reason to be dirty or uncomfortable when travelling. However, washing your clothes on the road can be a difficult task. Trying to scrub tough strains with only a river is often not enough. Luckily, there’s a solution. The Scrubba wash bag is a pocket sized accessory, which allows you to clean your laundry in minutes.

    travel accessories

    Simply place your dirty laundry into the bag, fill it with water and some soap and use the built in washboard to scrub for up to three minutes. The bag can fit several items, but then compresses to fit in your pocket when not in use. This is perfect if you are camping and want to avoid the cost of a laundrette.

    Water Purifier

    Another essential item when on a travel adventure is plenty of water. Unfortunately, water in third world countries is usually contaminated. If you are unable to buy bottled water, you’ll need something with a built in filter or a Lifestraw. These gadgets filter out over 99% of germs, making water completely safe to drink.

    With these three items, you can be hydrated and clean, while completing any manual tasks with your multi-tool knife. The key is to find accessories which are light, versatile and can replace other heavier items. With these in your backpack, you can go on a real adventure and have all your basic survival needs covered.


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