make up brushes
make up brushes

By 2022, the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth around £120 billion, with products specifically catered to men – think manscaras, tinted moisturizers, and guyliners – flying off the shelves, motivating brands such as YSL or Calvin Klein, to create dedicated makeup lines for men.

In many ways, the keen interest in male makeup products captures the zeitgeist of the new millennium, which combines diversity, individuality, and self-expression. In addition to having a wide range of products to select from, men also have a plethora of male makeup vloggers to turn to for advise on a plethora of products and techniques, who highlight how easy it is to achieve a smoother, sexier look, with a little help from grooming and makeup products.

Challenges for Men with Beards

Applying makeup when you have a beard can be a little more challenging than when you have a ‘smooth canvas’, to work on. However, it is important to see your beard as part and parcel of your makeup routine; indeed, failing to do so may result in an unnatural or ‘caked’ look. You can also use makeup to add fullness to sparse areas, and play around with contouring to enhance the shape of your face.

Choosing Your Products

The list of products you need for a simple look include a moisturiser, primer, foundation, finishing powder and, if you feel like more adventurous, a contouring kit. When you go to your favourite skincare and makeup shop, speak to the beauty expert about your skin. Whether you have oily or dry skin in particular, will determine the type of moisturiser, primer, and foundation that best suits your skin. If you have oily skin, for instance, you will definitely need a 24h matte primer and foundation, as well as a de-slick spray for after your look is complete. Your moisturiser, meanwhile, should not be cream-based, if not water-based, or you will most likely see plenty of shine in your T-zone in no time.

For dry skin, products with extra hydrations in them will be key.

A good liquid concealer is also vital to remove dark circles and tiredness from your eye area.

If you already have a good moisturiser/conditioning product for your beard, feel free to keep using this, and use your facial moisturiser on the skin above your beard, and on your neck.

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Your Daily Makeup Routine

For an easy-to-apply everyday look, cleanse and tone your skin as you would daily, applying your moisturiser above your beard area and spreading it downwards into the beard,or using your special beard moisturiser in this area; remember to apply moisture to the neck area as well.

Apply your primer, and leave a couple of minutes so your skin can absorb it. Next, dab a few drops of foundation onto your forehead, cheeks and neck, spreading out smoothly with a foundation brush or damp blending sponge. Afterwards, apply concealer to any dark circles, red areas in the face such as the lines at the side of the mouth, etc. Use concealer sparingly as otherwise it can cake up or seep into cracks in the skin. Apply finishing powder to these areas to ‘set’ your look.

For your beard area, instead of foundation, use a mineral powder foundation in the same color as your foundation, so that your beard hair isn’t tainted with any liquid product. Make sure there isn’t a stark line between your cheek area and beard; use your blending sponge to ensure the transition is smooth. Fill in any sparse areas of your beard with a fine brow liner, using very fine strokes to imitate the look of hair.

Experiment a bit with contouring. Applying a darker shade beneath your cheekbone and a lighter shade in the upper line of the cheekbone will lift this area; darker shades can also be used to enhance the jawline or lend the face a slimmer, more angular look. When you are happy with your final look spray your face once or twice with a finishing spray, to enable your look to last longer.

Applying makeup with a beard is just as easy as without. The most important thing to remember is that the skin beneath the beard should be addressed, to ensure your face, beard and neck have the same tone and smoothness.

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