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    Conchita Wurst

    There aren’t many drag queens with the power to prompt Russian men to shave off their beards – but then, how many drag queens...

    Sports And Beards was set up to highlight the very best of sport beards in all their forms from around the world, we are here to...

    December – Real Men Grow Beards

    Ever considered growing a beard?  Since 2011, Beating Bowel Cancer has invited men to partake in Decembeard and raise money to help those that... On Instagram

    We are excited to announce that is now on Instagram! We have created a page where we will showcase some of the best...

    The Five Best Ginger Beards

    Beards are so in right now, we want to showcase the five greatest Ginger beards. From stubble to lion mane, we take a look...


    As we start to see the lumbersexual trend growing, there seems to be some unusual bearded products hitting the marke, including a most recent...

    USB Electric Razor

    US Company Hammacher Schlemmer have released a new £20 USB electric razor which allows office workers to shave whenever they want, from desk to...
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