As we start to see the lumbersexual trend growing, there seems to be some unusual bearded products hitting the marke, including a most recent trend Beardski. Proving that nothing is safe from being taken over by the beard, let us introduce you to one of favourite qwerky brands.

    This unisex mask not only transforms you into a full bearded brother, it is also remarkably good at keeping out the cold and acting as an insulator for your face and neck. The mask is made from a thermal fleece with a waterproof neoprene lining, a fully functional mask with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It comes in a one size fits all so can be worn by both genders, it is your choice on whether you want to become a mountain explorer storing supplies in your facial hair or a beard lover who has always dreamt of an imperial facial blanket.

    They come in a variety of different styles and colours, our personal favourites include the Beardski Santa for when we are feeling festive, the Black Pearl for when we want to scream ‘Parley’ and the Beardski Merlin for when we are searching for the shire

    All you have to do is buy one of these masks, wear it on the slopes and you will be the mogul of the trail!

    Product Features:

    • Insulated ski mask with comfortable lined neoprene, woven thermal fleece and stylish 12″ synthetic beard
    • Ideal on the slopes, riding your Harley or exploring polar ice caps
    • One-size-fits-all design
    • Easy to wear/remove
    • Covers the ears, face and neck from the harshest of cold-weather conditions
    • Washable and non-flammable

    Go check them out!

    Here are some of our favourite Beardski masks –

    Beardski Biker
    Big Country
    Beardski Hunter
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