Gotta Have It: 4 Tools Every Barbershop Owner Needs

    There are certain items that everyone associates with the barbershop – containers full of combs and blue Barbicide, scissors and clippers, mirrors and chairs that can be raised and lowered. Still, it takes much more than this set of basic tools to actually run the business side of things. If you currently own a barbershop, then, or you’re interested in hanging out a shingle of your own, you’ll want to ensure you have these 4 tools on board. They’ll help you keep things moving smoothly and set your shop apart from the competition.

    A Clear Job Description

    As in many other businesses, it’s common for barbershop owners to struggle with the tension between owning a business and pursuing their craft. So, while it’s important for barbershop owners to also be skilled barbers. You likely won’t be able to cut hair full time. Rather, as your shop grows, you’ll likely need to cut back on that work to focus on management issues. If you spend some time defining your role in the business early on. You’ll be prepared to make that transition down the road.

    Scheduling Software

    One of the best things about running a barbershop is that you have the opportunity to build close, personal relationships with your clients. But just because you have strong relationships, that doesn’t mean that you should keep everything you know about your clients in your head. In fact, you shouldn’t. 

    Instead of trying to remember everything about your clients, it’s better to retain well-order records. These are key in case you’re out of the shop one day. Or you need to transfer a client between barbers, and the best way to do manage such records with online scheduling and client management software. With such a program, you’ll be able to optimize your appointment schedule, track customer histories, and maintain notes on client preferences.

    Barber Shop

    A Distinctive Style

    It’s easy for barbershops to fade into the background of the neighborhood. Which is fine if you’re an established shop that’s been around for decades. As a new shop, though, you’ll need a distinctive style. This can take many forms, including how you brand and decorate your shop, what types of shaving and beard products you choose, or the types of haircuts you specialize in, above and beyond the standard buzzcut. This will help you stand out and attract customers.

    Don’t Overlook Loyalty

    Standard wisdom recommends frequent haircuts – typically six to eight weeks. But even men who keep a short style often don’t make appointments that frequently. They might if your shop offered a loyalty program, however. Customer loyalty programs recognize and incentivize current customers and are a low cost. High reward way to protect your business’s most valuable asset: your clients. To be cost effective, these programs need to be carefully designed. But given the cost of acquiring new customers compared with keeping existing ones happy, they’re typically worth it.

    Anyone who has ever worked as a barber knows what types of basic equipment they’ll need to do the job. But most don’t understand the complexity of owning a barbershop. By focusing on those tools, rather than clippers and brooms, you’ll be better prepared for your business’s future. Not just for the clients who walk through your door today.


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