How Can You Respond to an Unusual Sexual Request?

    An unusual sexual request…? We’d honestly lie if we said we haven’t been there, have you? Well, counting up all the unusual sexual requests we have heard, we can’t say they’re unusual anymore, but how do you approach them? 

    First and foremost, you should only do what you’re comfortable doing with your partner or whoever you’re discovering your sexual self with. You should never feel pressured to do what your partner may want you to do, and you should respect the other person’s sexual boundaries. 

    Whether it’s your partner wanting to explore a place on your body, you didn’t even know existed! Or maybe it’s them wanting to order some mini sex dolls online and include them in your private ritual; you should know how to react to those situations and be prepared for what you may discover!

    We prepared a list of tips so you’re ready when the unexpected pops up, so the moment doesn’t get ruined if it doesn’t have to!

    Be Respectful

    When an unusual sexual request pops up, your first thought might be just to laugh it off. However, you may want to do the contrary and avoid doing that. Your partner may be flattered that their presence is making you laugh, but they may also feel like they can’t express their sexual desires to you without you taking it as a joke. 

    Being dismissive or making a joke out of their suggestion might indicate that you’re not taking your partner seriously. And your partner may also feel embarrassed, which they shouldn’t have to. Everyone has different sexual preferences, fantasies, and desires. Some of us even use a private browser window to see them for ourselves. Still, you shouldn’t make the other person feel uncomfortable by dismissing their sexual desires. 

    Whether on a romantic or platonic level (or only a sexual level), the key to any relationship is trust and comfort. To feel like your true self next to the other person. You need to be able to trust them and be comfortable around them. That’s why it’s essential to communicate your sexual preferences with your S/O and vice versa. 

    Try It

    If you’re feeling comfortable enough to try something new with your partner, why not give it a shot! Life is all about trying new experiences, and that includes those that take place under the covers. You may discover that soon you’ll be the one asking your partner to do it again. Because you can only judge it after you’ve tried it! 

    Your lover will certainly appreciate the gesture, and hey;- you never know if you like carbonara if you only ate bolognese your whole life! 

    Two pairs of feet intwined sticking out the end of a white blanket


    It’s not only product companies that use barter nowadays, but you can give it a shot too! If your partner has a usual sexual fantasy you haven’t tried before, why not negotiate a deal! You can discuss trying out their thing if they agree to try out what you want! It’s a perfect way to not only try a bunch of new stuff in bed. (Or whether you’re about- we don’t judge) But it’s also a great way to make your partner, as well as you, enhance the experience, And fulfill your bond on an even closer level. 

    You may find out that bartering is the key to success in bed (and life). This can also spice up your sexual life. And make both of you feel more comfortable with trying new things you haven’t yet, knowing that all it takes to try what you have only read in books about before is a little negotiation! 

    Think About it!

    If at the moment you’re unsure of whether you’re ready to try a sexual request from your partner. Say you’ll think about it. Remember never to feel pressured into something. And if you do, you need to re-think if that’s the way your relationship is heading (red flag). 

    If you’re in the moment, say you’ll think about it and that the next time it may just happen. It will not only keep your partner in excitement, but you’ll also have the time to think about whether or not that sexual request is something you’d be comfortable doing. 


    A bed is like a metaphor for life; you can be on top, on the bottom, or maybe in the middle (of a few people)! Whatever it is that you want to try, you should let your imagination explore it, and be in a comfortable sexual relation, that allows both you and your partner to have the sort of experience you like. 

    Remember that your boundaries and your partners are to be respected, and you shouldn’t ever feel obligated to do something you may not want to do. We hope our tips opened your eyes to the countless possibilities of responding to a sexual request without ruining that special moment!


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