Casino Etiquette: 6 Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

    Casinos are amazing places to spend time, whether you are an avid fan of gambling or you just want to take in the sights and sounds.

    Of course if you’ve never visited one before, you might be worried that you’ll make a mistake and look foolish in front of the most experienced guests.

    To avoid this, here are a few pieces of advice on casino etiquette that should calm your nerves and help you to look forward to your trip instead.

    Do check if there’s a dress code

    Most casinos do not require customers to sport sleek tuxedos and glitzy dresses of the kind you might see when they are represented on the silver screen. Indeed the industry has changed significantly in the last century, and one of the interesting facts about casino dress code is that modern venues have escaped the exclusive trappings of the 1960s in favor of a more egalitarian approach.

    Of course that does not mean you can turn up wearing whatever you like; there will still be rules in even the most open-minded casinos, and you can easily check these on the official website of whichever venue you are visiting.

    In fact, you might have more fun if you decide to dress up a little more than usual, especially if you are going to be hitting the gaming floor in the evening.

    Don’t use your smartphone

    Everyone is obsessed with their mobile these days, and the temptation to check it every five seconds is strong. However, it is not only frowned upon in casinos, but is often outright banned when you are playing table games.

    There are a few reasons for this, chief among which is that using your phone could be distracting for other players as well as yourself. In a high stakes game where people may have a lot of money hanging in the balance, the interruption of a mobile device is the last thing you want.

    At the very least, put your phone on silent or vibrate, and only check it if you are well away from the gaming table. Obviously this rule is less relevant if you are playing slots, but it still makes sense to avoid pulling out your phone, because the fun will be right in front of you.

    Do pay attention to the dealer

    Whether you are actively involved in a game or simply watching from the sidelines, keeping your eyes and ears locked on the dealer will be the best way to learn the ropes and ensure that you are up to speed with how the action is playing out.

    Listening to the dealer will also allow you to avoid making any mistakes, such as trying to place a bet at an inappropriate time.

    If in doubt, check out the beginner’s courses in popular games which all reputable casinos offer, or test drive them at online casinos first if possible. You can also ask dealers for assistance if you become confused while playing a game, since it is in their interest to ensure that all casino customers are on the same page and feeling happy.

    Don’t forget to tip

    Tipping culture varies around the world, but if you are playing at a casino in the US then it is customary to leave the dealer a little something after you have finished your session at their table.

    While tipping is advised whether you win or lose, if you do get lucky then you would do well to recognize the role that the dealer has had in this windfall.

    Tipping is also sensible throughout the casino, as servers and other members of staff will both appreciate and often expect this.

    Do stay calm

    Gambling can be a pastime with lots of emotional peaks and troughs, and while it is perfectly fine to celebrate wins and recognize losses, it is best to do so without going overboard with your reaction to either.

    Anger is a particularly important emotion to control, and if you feel it in a casino then it is best to walk away from the table, as having a hot-headed outburst is both impolite and an indication that you are not the best fit for the gambling lifestyle.

    Don’t overindulge

    Lastly, and on a related note to the previous point, it is sensible to keep a clear head at a casino. Overindulging in alcohol leads to a bad time for everyone, especially where large sums of money are involved, so stay as sober as possible and most of all, have fun!


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