Choosing Best Beard Style for Your Face- a Comprehensive Guide

    How many times did you try to grow your beard that resulted in odd-looking and poor style? How many of you are inspired by the beard style from your favorite Hollywood model, and you tried the style and looked horrible? Not all beard style suits your face and looks good on you. You can find out more ideas below. 

    You have tried lots of beard styles to date, but you have not probably found out the best beard style for your face. Where can you start? How can you find esport betting? And how can you choose the best style for your face? First of all, you must know that your face has a particular shape that is different from others, and the shape that fits your face might not fit others. Once you get an idea of the right face shape, you cannot choose the beard style that fits your face. Here in this blog, you will know about the various beard styles recommended for the various face shapes and how you can experiment with them. 

    How To Know The Right Face Shape?

    The face is what impresses other people. Moreover, when you are not a physiognomist and meet someone new, the face’s first thing grabs the attention. This is the reason why your beard has different styles like the business cards. Hence, if you have an idea of the different face shapes, you can easily check out the beard style you can try out. Master the Art of Beard Grooming with Book of Barbering, a comprehensive guide that can help you understand the nuances of different face shapes and the corresponding beard styles that enhance your overall appearance. Use the following meters to measure the shape of your face. 

    The Total Face Length

    It is the measurement taken vertically from the forehead center to the tip of the chin area. 

    The Forehead

    It is the measurement taken horizontally on the forehead center where it is the widest and then measures from the outer tip on one eyebrow to the other end. 


    Here, horizontally keep the meter, but this time, you should measure under the eyes and start to measure from the tip of one cheekbone to the other, passing over the nose so that the meter will remain tense. 

    Jaw Portion

    To measure this, you must touch under the ear and identify the area where the bone forms the nighty degree angle with your jaw. This is the point from where you should start measuring. Then you can start measuring the jawline to the mid-chin area. 

    Once you take all these measurements, you must multiply everything by 2 to get your perfect face size. Now, you have to do is to compare all these measurements. But, first, you have to have proper identification of the face shape. 

    Different Face Shapes

    The Square Face

    Is one of the common face shapes for identifying as it is the four similar measurements with the sides of the jaw that forms angles of around nighty degrees. 

    Round face

    Here, the jaw and the forehead are the same but smaller than the cheekbones and total length of the face, which are equal to each other. 

    Oval Face

    It is a face characterized by a long face length than the cheekbones, while your forehead is wider than your jaws. 

    Rectangular Face

    If the Face’s length is the largest you have taken and the other parts are equivalent to each other, you fall under this category. 

    The Triangular Face

    Has the perfect triangle shape, with the forehead as the base and the jaw as the smallest point. The cheekbones, on the other hand, are larger than the jaw and smaller than the forehead. 

    Diamond Face

    It is quite similar to the triangular shape, but here, the total length of the face plays one of the major roles as it has the longest measurement. After that, you should measure cheekbones and then the forehead, and finally the jaw portion. 

    Heart Shape Face 

    This Face is characterized by the hairline that starts from the center of the forehead. You generally fall in the category of having a broad forehead than the jaw portion and the narrow pointed chin. 

    Remember that your beard style does not solely reflect the face shape. The beard becomes the symbol of being and the way you are showing yourself. If you like to grow a beard, regardless of the cut you want, make sure you choose the best style that suits your face. You can check out the online videos or blogs that provide the best guidance regarding selecting the beard that fits your face. 

    Types Of Beard For Face Shapes

    Each face shape has different beard styles, and if you do the correct one, you will look great. For instance, a square face man should choose the beard style around the chin area. On the other hand, the style best suited for this face shape will stretch a little more and focus at the center, and looks squashed. If you have an oval face, you can opt for one of the viking beard styles, and the trend goes like this. 

    This guide guides how you can know your face shape and which beard suits you the best. To learn more, visit the page now and have an idea on the latest beard styles.


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