What to do With Your Tattoos on Your Wedding Day

    Tattoos are one of the most personal ways to express who you are. Almost all examples of body art have some meaning behind them, even if it’s just a memory of a certain time and place! Anyone with ink will show it off proudly throughout their life. But for some people, the wedding day presents a challenge. Should you show off your awesome tattoos on the biggest day of your life, and be proud of something that is a meaningful part of who you are? Or should you cover up, to avoid clashing with the dress, or causing awkward moments with friends and relatives.

    Your wedding day, whether it involves walking down the aisle in a church or a wedding cruise , is also personal, about one thing and one thing only – the love you share with your partner. So we say don’t be afraid to do whatever you feel most comfortable with! Everything about your wedding, from your hair and outfit to the wedding breakfast menu, is an expression of who you are – just like your tattoos.

    So whether you want to cover up or show them off, here are a few tips on what to do with your ink when you get hitched.

    Hiding unwanted tattoos

    The easiest way to cover up your tats is with your dress. You can tailor the design of your gown to avoid exposing your ink. If you’ve got an intricate back tattoo, don’t go for a backless dress! Similarly, sleeves and a high neckline can be effective (and subtle!) here. You can also use accessories like shawls to keep your designs covered up. Make-up, and specifically concealer can also work to keep your body art away from unwanted eyes.

    Rocking your ink with pride

    If you don’t want to hide your tattoos, or even if you want to draw attention to them, the choices are endless! You can specifically design your dress to accentuate your tattoos, incorporating them into your wedding day look, and even get accessories to match. You might even think about including your wedding party in the theme – a henna tattoo session is a lovely way to spend the morning of your wedding, and a great way to bond with your bridesmaids.

    Whether you want to hide your ink, or display your tattoos with pride, don’t stress! It’s your day and you should do whatever feels comfortable.

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