Advice For Keeping Your MG HS in Tip-top Shape

    For many people our vehicles are more than just 4 wheels, we sometimes name them and they become part of the family.

    Keeping your vehicle in pristine condition is essential and just like we take care of our loved ones we need to take pride in keeping our vehicles immaculate.

    Make sure your ‘’baby’’ is always there when you need it by looking after it.

    About the MG HS

    While MG is famous for its large SUVs, the company is also aiming to gain mainstream popularity with this model and others.

    Sports cars are very much a niche product, and SUV sales are soaring, making that a sound business strategy. MG’s HS, a large SUV that boasts a price that undercuts several smaller ones, also solidifies the brand’s reputation as being good value.

    It’s refreshing to see such a simple lineup. In terms of power, this car comes with petrol engines paired with six-speed manuals (or a dual-clutch automatic), or with plug-in hybrid engines paired with 10-speed automatic transmissions. 

    Frequent maintenance

    Maintenance schedules are specific to your MG HS. Your car will last longer if you stick to the schedule set by the manufacturer. 

    Fluids, oil, filters, brakes, and other parts of your car should be checked regularly.

     At the time of your next service, the mechanic will note what has been done and what your car needs.

    Your tires

    Maintaining your car’s tires is often overlooked, but they are crucial to ensuring your car stays in good condition. 

    Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Overinflated tires result in a blowout, while underinflated tires lead to poor gas mileage. Maintain the recommended tire pressure.

    During and after temperature variations, the pressure should be checked before a trip. Tires should also be rotated periodically. This will keep them aligned and help them wear evenly.

    Keeping it clean

    Washing your vehicle fills a greater need than simply doing it right. It additionally holds the parts back from rusting and assists the paint with enduring longer.

    This is particularly significant throughout the colder time of year assuming you live where it snows.

    The salt and sand used to dissolve snow on the streets can get into your vehicle’s bumper wells and on the underside. In the event that it’s not eliminated, it can cause rust, which prompts more concerning issues.

    Handle with care

    Wildly moving the streets as though you’re in the following Fast and the Furious is most certainly something you need to keep away from. 

    Other than the way that you’re seriously jeopardising yourself as well as other people, the stress on your vehicle is colossal.

    Notwithstanding customary support, your driving propensities can limit mileage. Dial back as you approach a stop sign or prevent light and abstain from ramming on the brakes without a second to spare.

     Speed up leisurely, and keep your speed as even as could really be expected. You additionally need to give the motor an opportunity to heat up prior to getting up to thruway speed.

    Customary support, liquid checks, and tires checks are fundamental for keeping your vehicle in excellent condition. Investing the energy and cash to have these things checked and kept up with will get a good deal on fixes later.

    One thing many don’t think about until it’s too late is the transmission. The engine gets a lot of attention but people neglect to have their transmission checked. It’s a good idea to take your vehicle in and check this before any long road trips or heavy driving (i.e. delivery driver) as when this goes out nothing else will matter.

    If you find it’s worn out and need a new one, don’t get a brand new part, start looking for a used transmission to save money. Companies that offer these used often refurbish all the parts and what you get is essentially new and checked, but you save a lot of money with used over new and they guarantee it. If they don’t guarantee it, go somewhere where they do.

    Protect your car

    The components can be cruel, and neglecting to safeguard your vehicle from the beating sun or heavy rains can misfire in additional ways than you can envision. On the off chance that you have a carport, use it for its unique reason: guarding your vehicle.

    On the off chance that this is preposterous and you truly do need to leave your vehicle outside, ideally, let’s put resources into a legitimate residue coat. Customary washing and waxing can likewise do some incredible things, particularly with regards to gathered soil and rust.

    By the day’s end, the main thing is to remain protected on the open street. What’s more, keeping up with your vehicle adds to that additional wellbeing. 

    While a significant number of the things you want to do must be finished by a specialist, ensuring you basically comprehend the fundamentals will have a significant effect. Treat your vehicle right, and you’ll be grateful you did!


    Keeping your car in the best possible shape should be your responsibility as a driver, and the following tips provided should assist you with that.

    By following these simple tips, your MG HS will maintain its factory standards. 


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