How To Celebrate Father’s Day As A First-Time Dad

    Fatherhood is a fantastic thing. It is probably the most challenging and rewarding role you will take on in life. Your children will bring you immeasurable joy, laughter, love and pride. They will also test you, challenge you, and seriously get under your nerves. However, you wouldn’t trade it for the world at the end of the day.

    One particular day that acknowledges all the smiles and strife of fatherhood is Father’s Day, a day where your children celebrate you, acknowledge your priceless role in their lives, and spoil you rotten as a means of further expressing their gratitude. 

    But what if you’re a brand new, first-time dad? You might be wondering how you can celebrate when you have a newborn or are still expecting. Even so, all new and expectant fathers deserve to have a memorable first Father’s Day. Here’s how you can celebrate Father’s Day as a first-time dad.

    Get Your Partner to Get a Gift

    Obviously, a baby can’t pick gifts for dads, at least not for a few years. That’s where your partner (spouse or de facto) may be able to step in. They can pick a gift for you and give it to you on behalf of your baby.

    Your partner probably has a pretty decent idea of your interests, hobbies and passions, so they should be able to choose an appropriate gift for Father’s Day. However, you can always drop some hints by sending them some ideas. Some good first Father’s Day gifts include commemorative mugs for dads, some comfy dad-themed pyjamas, or generally lazy day clothes for first days at home with the newborn

    Book a Sleep In Or Breakfast in Bed

    Your first Father’s Day should be a special occasion, and what is more of a treat than having a sleep in and being served breakfast in bed? Ask your partner to wake up with the baby and give you a few extra hours of shut-eye. This way, you’ll launch into Father’s Day refreshed and rested. Top this off with a breakfast in bed order. Bacon and eggs on toast with a glass of orange juice and a hot coffee should make for a pretty great start to the day, right?

    Arrange a Lunch or Dinner

    Another way you can celebrate Father’s Day as a new dad is to arrange an unforgettable luncheon or dinner with your partner and new baby. You could also invite your father to make it truly special.

    This is a perfect time to eat out, so find a baby-friendly restaurant and make a booking. Most restaurants will have high chairs for babies or can accommodate a pram or bassinet if your baby is too young to sit independently. 

    Make sure that you choose a restaurant that caters to everyone’s dietary preferences, but pick something you want to eat yourself. You are the man of the hour, after all. 

    Go Outside

    You should absolutely try to take a trip outside at some point during your big day. You could visit a local park or landmark, or even go for a small hike through a nearby forest. Take the pram, and your baby can come along too. This is also an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your partner, or even your parents and in-laws if the grandparents want to spend the day with the new baby as well.

    Regardless of where you do find yourself, you should absolutely pack some drinks and snacks, so you don’t get thirsty or hungry when enjoying the fresh air and serenity with your family and other loved ones.

    Make Some Keepsakes Or Start A Tradition

    You can ask your partner to make a special card to give to you from your baby. They won’t be able to write in it yet, but you can include a special message by taking a paint print of their hand or foot. This will make for an adorable card that can also double up as a keepsake for the rest of your child’s life.

    You could also use Father’s Day as an opportunity to start a family tradition. It could be the outing we mentioned above, or you could also do something cute like take a father and child photo, with you both wearing matching sweaters or something similar. That way, every year, you have something to look forward to doing together, as well as ensuring that you maintain a record of the day. 

    Have Some Quality Time With Your Baby

    Another way you can truly make your first Father’s Day special is by setting aside some time for you and your baby. Let your partner take care of some chores or other household tasks while you bond with bubba. 

    If your child is old enough, you could have some tummy-time, with you on the floor next to them with some toys or books. Another idea is to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. Although your baby will be too young to understand the plot, babies still love the colours and sounds, and you can enjoy the cuddles.

    A Cute Conclusion

    Follow these tips for a memorable first Father’s Day. By doing so, you will have a fantastic time with your baby and family alongside also creating lifelong memories and keepsakes. Don’t forget the sleep in either, as it will probably be the only one you get for a long while!


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