Ultimate Guide: How to Instantly Make Your Place Woman-Sleepover-Ready

    So, you’re looking forward to a date night at your place. But, you should be aware that bringing a lady to your home can be a determining step in how your relationship will proceed further. It’s not all about the cuddling bit; no woman will enjoy herself or feel comfortable with a sleepover if you have no sense whatsoever when it comes to the look and functionality of your place. This doesn’t mean you can’t boast your man cave – it just means that the man cave should be clean and tidy.

    Get Rid of Clutter

    Men usually don’t have a bunch of trinkets and accessories crowding up their personal space. However, it’s not uncommon that you get a bit lazy when it comes to your hoarded trash bags or your exercise equipment that’s spread all across your home. Whatever it may be that’s creating clutter and making the freedom of movement obstructed, should be tidied up. Throw away all the trash, organize your exercise equipment, store your books and/or games properly, and simply make some order in your home.

    Make Sure to Clean Up

    You don’t have to sterilize your entire home just because you’ll have a date over. Still, you should be aware that layers of dust and stains are a big no-no if you want to leave a good impression. That said, wipe the surface areas in your home, vacuum, and get rid of cobwebs in the wall corners if necessary. The whole process honestly doesn’t take a lot of time and you can take this opportunity to make a habit out of regular cleaning (once a week for instance) which will keep your place nice and presentable constantly.

    Don’t Fear the Personal Touch

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    Women truly appreciate learning more about the guy they’re interested in and there’s no better way to get a sense of the guy’s likes and interests than by visiting his home. In that respect, don’t feel the urge to put away your posters and prints (unless they’re really inappropriate) as well as other decorative details you might have in your man cave. Photos with your family and friends are also a great way to show your date a glimpse into your personal life. Not to mention that these personal touches are always a great conversation starter.

    Prepare Snacks in Advance

    You might plan to have food delivered to your home for a nice dinner, but that’s not enough. Aside from tidying up your kitchen, you’re bound to impress a lady if you have the essentials such as dishes and utensils for at least two people. What’s more, chances are you’re going to be awake for the entire night or at least crave some breakfast in the morning. The simplest way to go about this is to get some frozen bakery products and keep them in the fridge until it’s time to chuck them in the oven and have them ready and delicious in just a couple of minutes. It may not be actual cooking but it’s definitely better than offering leftovers from the night before or having nothing to eat at all. Not to mention that you don’t need a bunch of dishes or special skills to prepare baked goods.

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    Tidy Up Your Bedroom

    As the most intimate area of your home, your bedroom should look and feel nice. It would be beneficial for you to keep this room tidy all the time, not just when you’re having your date over. That said, pick up the clothes you might have lying around and separate those that have to be washed into a laundry bin and put it away. If you don’t have spare sheets, make sure to wash yours before welcoming the lady into your home. And make your bed!

    No one will ask you to turn your home all sterile and pristine but obvious sloppiness will be very apparent and make things rather awkward and uncomfortable. You can’t expect your date to relax and focus on her romantic feelings if you’re surrounded by dust and clutter. 

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