5 Interesting Beard Styles to Try When You’re Bored

    Growing a beard can be a fun project to undertake if you have the time. The brushing, cleaning, shampooing, and shaping will keep you busy. Apart from killing boredom, beards boost your confidence. That’s not all, according to a study published by the Royal Society, women find men with facial hair more attractive. Here are five exciting beard styles to try when you are bored.

    1. Stubble

    The stubble has gained popularity in the last few decades. It is the perfect compromise for those who want some facial hair without committing to a full beard. A stubble is by far the easiest beard style to cultivate. All one needs to do is stop shaving for a few days. 

    Alternatively, you can start from a full beard and trim down to the desired length. You will need to trim regularly to keep it short. Stubbles are suitable for all faces. If you have a babyface, a stubble will instantly sprinkle some maturity to your appearance. Do not forget to exfoliate to prevent ingrowths. Lastly, moisturize to avoid rashes.

    2. Goatee

    A goatee refers to hair that hangs down your chin, resembling that of a goat. Although this beard style is versatile, it looks better on people with rounder faces. It also compliments those with weaker chins. A goatee should be the same length as your mouth. You can use a razor to keep the edges more defined.

    Maintaining a goatee requires regularly trimming any wayward hairs. This style looks better if the rest of the face is kept cleanly shaven. Shampoo the goatee regularly and moisturize to prevent acne and to keep the beard in control. Hopefully, this routine will be enough to keep you busy. If not, you can find more ways to fight boredom at home.

    3. Chinstrap

    The traditional chin strap consists of a thin line of facial hair along the jawline’s outer edges. There are numerous variations of this style since it can be combined with a goatee and a mustache. A chin strap works for a variety of face shapes, including rectangular, oval, and round. 

    Unfortunately, guys with triangular and heart-shaped have to opt for a different style. To cultivate a chin strap, start by giving your facial hair time to grow. After about a month, you can find a barber to provide a solid foundation. You can maintain it by trimming it daily.

    4. Mutton Chop

    The general description of a mutton chop is a beard style where the mustache connects to the sideburn, leaving the chin completely clean. It is essentially the opposite of a goatee. Cultivating a mutton chop starts with letting it grows to a full beard. 

    The next step is to chin and completely shave the necking area, leaving only the stache and the sideburns. You will need to stick to a daily schedule to keep your chops looking great. Its success depends on managing to keep the neck and chin hair-free. This beard style is compatible with most face shapes. However, it may not be a good fit if you have a sharp chin.

    5. The Beardstache

    The beard stache is a hybrid between a full beard and a stubble. This style features a full and thick mustache, and a shorter beard. One way to cultivate a beard stache is to shave your chin while letting the mustache grow to full length. 

    You can also trim down from a full beard. This style works best if the difference between the mustache and the rest of the facial hair isn’t too great. You can maintain it using a trimmer to keep the hair on the chin and cheeks at stubble length. Keep the stache tangle-free using a mustache comb.

    Final Thoughts

    Growing any beard requires patience and dedication. The longer the beard, the more time you will need to groom it. Lastly, not all beards work for everyone. Make sure the style is a good fit. Otherwise, get started and have some fun with it.


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