Light Up Your Man Cave With These 8 Effective Tips

    Every man dreams of having his own man cave. Full stop. Many people, though, don’t understand the importance of a man cave as it is a place where a gentleman can go and escape the rigors of his stressful lifestyle. It is a place where no questions are asked and no answers are sought. A man can relax and do his own thing safe in the knowledge that there will be no screaming children or nagging wife. But, what exactly constitutes a man cave, and what goes on in one? 

    Well, these are often closely guarded secrets, but here we are going to shine a light on this secretive world and take the opportunity to explore 8 effective ways of lighting up a man cave.

    A Pool Table

    A pool table is one of the most integral parts of a man cave as it is the communal place where men compete against each other whilst enjoying a cold beer, and competition is key in the masculine world. A man cave lacking a pool table is a sad place devoid of soul. At the end of a long hard day, there is no better way to expend that pent up energy than by potting balls into pockets and hearing that satisfying clunk as they hit their target. Pool tables are inexpensive and provided they are well looked after will last for years. So, be the envy of all your friends and install a table today. 

    Special Lighting

    Despite the name, a man cave is not a cave in the sense that it is dark and dingy, it is a cave because it is a man’s own little space, often in the depths of the house i.e. in the cellar. It will, therefore, need lighting up, and what way would be more masculine than using a wire that lights up the second you walk in the room?! There’s no need to expend any extra energy by pushing a button, you can simply saunter into your domain and get on with being a man with no hassle at all. Sounds like the perfect way to begin an evening to me!

    A Bar

    No man cave is complete without a fully equipped bar. This bar should effectively be an extension of your local pub and needs to be a place where you can learn and feel comfortable whilst chewing the cud, just as you would in your local pub. Bar stools are essential for those that work all day and need to rest their weary legs and there should be a proper array of beers and spirits to sate everybody’s thirst. On busy nights you might want to consider hiring a barmaid as you will be tired after your day’s exertions and you don’t want to have the worry of looking after your guests whilst you’re sat watching the big game or enjoying a game of cards. 

    A Sports Subscription

    We all know that men bond whilst watching sports. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what the sport is, just as long as two friends can take sides and enjoy the rivalry. A subscription TV service is therefore essential if you do not want to miss out on any big games, and it goes without saying that you need to invest in an appropriate TV that can capture the images and sounds with the highest quality possible so that your enjoyment is not diminished one iota. 

    Table Football

    Table football is a game beloved of men all around the world, which is ubiquitous in many bars and pubs. It is great as a team game as you can play with up to four players and it provides copious amounts of excitement whilst you are enjoying a cold one. Installing one in your own man cave allows you to forgo the usual expensive purchase of the ping pong balls by removing the payment mechanism thereby allowing you to play to your heart’s content throughout the evening. You can even paint the men in your favorite colors allowing you to pretend you are playing upfront for your favorite team whilst you defeat your biggest rivals.

    A Kitchenette

    Relaxing and enjoying your man cave is tough work so it is quite likely that at some point during your evening you are going to hear your tummy start to rumble. It is no good thinking that you can call a takeaway because that is time consuming and takes effort. Much better is to have a kitchenette installed so that you can rustle up your favorite burger and fries with minimal effort. Furthermore, your barmaid can multi-task and can prepare the food when she isn’t pouring pints, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone. That really is efficiency at its best!

    A Card Table

    No man cave is complete without a plush baize card table. Poker is a classic game that men like to play well into the small hours, and this is not possible without the right equipment. A table is, therefore, vital if you want to have the game playing experience of a casino that you deserve. A croupier will probably be beyond your budget, but you can take turns playing the dealer with your friends, making sure that the loser is always the one that buys the next round! This table could also be used to show your friends your sports cards collection.

    A Sauna

    A sauna is a luxury piece of equipment, but also essential if you want to sweat off the excesses of the night before so that you can head to work and start your day feeling as fresh as a daisy. Furthermore, after a tough game of table football, or even real football, your muscles will likely be aching so you will need somewhere to go and recuperate, and there is no better place than in a sauna. You can efficiently setup your home sauna with the use of cedar materials, you can check G&B Quality Cedar Products for more details. 

    As we have learned a man cave is an integral part of any real man’s home. It is a place where he can escape from the wife and children allowing them to get on with their peaceful evenings without being distracted by a man. Make sure it is well lit and it resembles a local pub as closely as possible and then it will manifest itself as the private space that you have always wanted, where you can entertain your friends well into the night.


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