Trending Types Of Relationships That Are Taking Center Stage In 2021

    The world has made massive strides towards becoming more proactive and accepting of things that don’t fit the traditional outline. In the day’s gone by, the LGBT community was tiny, and many rejected the notion of same-sex marriage. Back then, these types of relationships were considered taboo by many standards.

    Fortunately, things have changed drastically over the years, and as the LGBT community continues to grow in numbers and will soon obtain global acceptance, many more relationship dynamics are emerging. And while most would previously have been labeled as taboo, these dynamics are quickly gaining traction and becoming normal dynamics for most of us. 

    So, if you feel that the typical monogamous relationship has never been all that appealing to you, then perhaps you can find another dynamic that suits you better. Here are the trending relationship dynamics in 2021.

    Open Relationships

    Open relationships have not exactly been a secretive endeavor for many individuals. Although, in the past, many did not consider this type of relationship anything serious. Contrary to the misconception, there are countless happy and healthy open relationships out there. 

    The specific dynamic entails two partners that are not entirely monogamous; either party in the relationship is free to pursue other partners at any time, seek casual encounters with apps such as a free sex site, or date around. With that said, the key to make these relationships work exists solely in an exceptionally high level of trust that is essential. 

    Polyamorous Relationships

    Polyamory was previously only practiced by specific religious groups. And the concept was long rejected by everyone else, with some even rejecting the idea from a spiritual perspective. However, these days the number of polyamorous relationships is on the rise. 

    A polyamorous relationship consists of more than two individuals, and there is not generally an end to how many partners can join a polyamorous dynamic. Some relationships are a mix of genders, while others can be same-sex or one female and multiple men, or multiple females and one man. 

    Furthermore, poly relationships do generally have terms, as they are not commonly open relationships as well. The terms of a poly relationship entail details often differ depending on the individuals involved, as some require monogamy while others don’t.

    Trending Relationships

    Long-Distance Relationships

    Long-distance relationships have been a thing for quite some time, although these relationships don’t always work out well for everyone. An exceptional level of trust and love is required to keep a long-distance pairing going. However, couples do see each other occasionally, while most of the relationship happens via text, video calls, and social media platforms. 

    And the most common way that people tend to find themselves in long-distance relationships is through online dating channels. And with that said, you must consider ways to stay safe online to avoid finding yourself attached to a scammer or a romance fraudster. 

    Kink Relationships

    Kink relationships are trending, and the broad term refers to any relationship that includes some level of fetish, or kink, within the dynamic. These relationships were also considered taboo, although a lot has changed lately, and kinks are fast becoming a trend. 

    These days, some of the most common kinks include bondage, BDSM, feet fetishes, and a whole new level of cosplay. And suppose you find a particular kink pretty enticing. In that case, the best approach to find others that are interested in the same kink is to find local communities online that have occasional meet-up gatherings. You can also consider the approach of using dating sites that specifically connect people with kink fetishes. 

    Aromantic Relationships

    Aromantics are often confused for a-sexual individuals who don’t want to partake in sexual endeavors. However, aromantic individuals are pretty different, as they are sexually active individuals who simply prefer not to date. 

    And while they prefer not to date, this particular sexuality will date if they find like-minded individuals who shy away from the commercial relationship dynamic and prefer relationships that benefit both partners. Aromantic relationships can also be same-sex, monogamous, or non-monogamous, depending on the specifics discussed by the individuals.

    Finding The Right Relationship Dynamic

    If you’re looking for a relationship dynamic that you’ll enjoy. The best approach is to do a bit of homework on each type of relationship and determine which dynamic speaks to you directly. Some might find kink relationships enticing, while others may feel that polyamory simply makes sense to them. So, only you can decide what feels fitting for you. 


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