Five Top Tips For Healthy Facial Hair

    For most men, growing facial hair is a brilliant way to take more control of your look. There are sorts of styles out there too, helping you to change or support any vibe you’re going for. Even so, it’s still super important to keep your facial hair healthy and do your best to help it flourish and thrive. At the end of the day, a beard that is unruly and completely out of control will only do negative things for your facial hair. To get to the stage where you’re comfortable with your facial hair, you’ll need to follow a few top tips. Here’s our best advice for growing top tier facial hair.


    We can all be a little impatient – especially in this day and age where the world is at the tip of our fingers. However, if you want to grow a beard and a moustache that you can be proud of, staying patient is essential. As one of the most basic rules, always make sure to leave your stubble untouched for around five to six weeks. This will help you create a perfect foundation to work with when styling your facial hair. If you rush things and use hair that has less growth than 5 weeks, you’ll be on the five o’clock shadow-side of the man’s beard scale most of the time. Remember – stay patient and keep up that hair growth!


    With a good amount of hair now on your face, it’s about time to start the shaping and styling process. As with a nice new suit, your beard should be styled to be in line with your own facial features. We always recommend seeking the advice of your barber in order to reach the highest possible level of coolness. In the meantime, here are some general tips and tricks:

    Square face: A rounded edge on the chin with a short style on the side.

    Round face: Suited to a longer, angled edge on the chin with shorter sides.

    Oblong face: Tighter edges around the chin and more full on the sides.

    Oval face: An even edge all over the face and chin.

    Healthy Facial Hair


    Just like the rest of your body, your facial needs just as much washing as every other part of your body. WHen you’re growing your facial it’s especially important to keep on top of the cleaning process. We always suggest going for a hygienic combination of shampoo and conditioner, which will ensure that your hair is clean as a whistle. After that process is done, make sure you pat-dry your hair instead of rub-drying. If you’re too enthusiastic with your drying, you can cause some unnecessary damage to your beard. It all makes a difference!


    Even though you have a healthy beard covering the skin on your face, you still need to look after the skin underneath. Skin cells can become very irritated with beard hairs, especially when you first start growing them. Because of this, it’s essential to moisturise and soothe your face with beard oil to keep things nice and healthy. Remember – it’s all about trial and error – many oils will be slightly too shiny and thick for your hair, while others may be too dry and thin. Keep looking and you’ll find the right one eventually.


    Minoxidil is one of the most popular hair growth products in the UK, with many men taking it to help grow a full beard. When Minoxidil is applied to the face, it can stimulate hair follicles and keep up growth. Sons’ have a variety of hair treatments ideal for this process.

    Facial is a choice that can look great when styled and grown correctly. Remember – your beard is an extension of your style, so make sure to grow some facial hair you can be proud of.


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