Grooming Guide: Areas That Men Should and Should Not Shave

    Do men shave their body hairs as women do? You think not? Of course, they also do. Not only their facial hairs, but some of them shave body hairs too. Most gentlemen do it for various reasons.

    Sometimes to feel fresh and crisp and sometimes for them to feel clean, but let me tell you something that might interest you, most men shave because they want to show their masculinity to show some abs and muscle that attracts women. However, to inform men in general that there are some areas that they should and should not shave, continue reading.

    What They Should Shave

    Face and Neck

    A little bit trivia for you, did you know that a man spends six months of their lives shaving their facial hairs? Unlike women, men grow beards and mustaches consistently. It is the man’s trait, and you can’t get away from it. However, even if you are rockin’ the long beard style, there will come a time that you will need to shave those. It can be because you want to change methods or other personal purposes. If you are interested in reviews on shavers check out soulcanvasink‘s review.

    Chest and Back

    Most of the men, especially in western countries, have high tremendous back hairs. There is nothing wrong with having it on their chest and back. But why should they shave it? Think of the strands as another layer of your body. It will trap heat and make you uncomfortable. So to make you feel cool and fresh, you should trim your chest and stomach hairs, and also your back. Just be extra careful about doing it to avoid any injuries.


    Shaving legs is optional. Some women said that it is unattractive to men to shave their legs. Men, on the other hand, think that it is unmanly to have shaved legs. Statistic though says otherwise.according to the survey,  48 % is the amazing number of a man that shaves his leg so that it might be the new norm. Watch out women they might have beautiful long legs than you.

    What Should They Not Shave


    Armpits’ hair is all-natural for men. So shaving might be for personal choice. Contrary to women that make anything to get rid of their armpit hair, men should grow it naturally. In some instances, males shave or wax it for a new trend or to feel something new, but others let them grow untouched. So a piece of simple advice when to groom your underarm hair, if it is peeking out of your arms and it feels uncomfortable, better trim it with tiny scissors carefully.

    Private Area

    Men should not shave this area because it is too dangerous unless you have someone to cut it for them. The skin in these areas is too thin, which makes it hard for them to shave it. Aside from that, one can not see it correctly. Instead of shaving, they should trim it occasionally.

    They say that hair defines manhood and masculinity, so why get rid of all of it? At the end of the day, what you want is all that matters. If you prefer to maintain your manly hair, it is up to you. But if you like to feel new and refreshed, then you can shave all of the ”should-have-shave” parts with a careful hand.


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