The Bucket List Of Trips You Have To Go On

    You’ve probably heard of the phrase, you only live once! This cannot be more true in the events of the pandemic — with many losing out on what would have been the prime years of their lives, with their dreams and ambitions taken away from them as borders close and the world goes behind closed doors.

    As the pandemic eases up, there are plenty of opportunities to catch up on lost time. All those years spent saving on spending on the unnecessary have finally come to fruition as you can now take that money to spend on an adventure of a lifetime and of course, insurance travel. That’s right — it’s time for you to go on your bucket list trip, plan your greatest travel experience yet — and tick off the ultimate bucket list to create the most epic experience you’ve ever imagined.

    If you’re feeling like you’ve been out of the travel game for far too long, don’t worry. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of places you can look forward to on your next big adventure — your bucket list trip.

    1. The Iconic Road Trip Across the States 

    America is full of hidden gems that you always see on TV shows and films. After 2 years of searching up travel destinations, longing for the day you can finally pack your luggage and get going, wouldn’t you want to see what America looks like in real life? We’ve planned out a coast-to-coast round trip, starting from New York, that sees you cross San Francisco, the iconic Grand Canyon, the Big Sur, and more. Don’t just take it from us — think about every famous landmark you’ve always wanted to explore, and add it directly to your itinerary.

    Drive past every single historic route you’ve ever learned in your history lessons — see them for yourself, and be part of that history. Less is never more when it comes to a road trip, and when it comes to quality versus quantity, why not have the best of both worlds and go for both? As you ride in your vehicle of choice, be it a full-scale camper van or your cozy little 5-seater, live out your wildest explorer dreams as you journey from state to state.

    Our tip? Go during the summer or the fall, so you won’t have to pack the extra weight of heavy winter coats onto your car. If the cold isn’t going to stop you, however, make your road trip of a lifetime in the snow — and see America in all its glory, in the fabulous white winter world. 

    Bucket list Trips

    2. Kayak in the Cold: Bypass Icebergs and Sea Creatures in Disko Bay, Greenland

    This is not going to be a trip for the faint-hearted. For the adventure seekers, try kayaking on the west coast of Greenland, and experience the majestic Jakobshavn Glacier for yourself. Imagine being on a boat, sailing past almost crystal-like icebergs that have probably been around for ages longer than many human societies. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to see a whale during your kayak.

    When should you go to Disko Bay, Greenland? Well, our answer is that winter waits for no one — feel free to go to Greenland any time of the year as it stays cold all year round. There is no better time to go kayaking than when you feel like it — so what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, and let’s get your oars on. 

    3. Meet and Greet The Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba 

    Polar bears are cute cuddly creatures built for the winter. You’ve probably owned a plush toy polar bear at one point, but being able to be up close and personal with them can be a reality when you visit Churchill, Manitoba. Situated in Northern Canada, these furry friends are world-renowned celebrities, and chances are, you’ve probably seen a photo of them chilling in the snow. Meet them in their natural habitats, in the wild,  and see for yourself just how majestic these wonderful, yet endangered, creatures must be protected from extinction.

    Our recommended time to visit them is from July to November, due to changes in migration patterns. Pack your bags, and get ready for a whole lot of fluff — it’s polar bear season! 

    4. Experience The Beauty of Na Pali Coast When You Hike in Hawaii 

    Hikers, trekkers, backpackers, listen up — there’s a trail you must try for your bucket trip of a lifetime. The Na Pali coast of Hawaii boasts incredibly beautiful sights — almost a bird’s eye view on the island at a whopping 4,000 feet.

    This peak will be difficult to reach, no doubt — scaling it, you might think that the trail never ends. But you’d be rewarded with a picturesque view to remember for a lifetime. Our tip? Go when there isn’t a crowd squeezing with you for that perfect pic for the ‘Gram’.

    The ideal downtime is during April to June — the low season, where there are fewer crowds exploring the trail with you. You’d appreciate having an almost human-free trail as you escape from the weariness of humanity — and reconnect with nature. 

    Bucket list Trips

    5. Snorkel below the Surface at Belize 

    Have you ever watched a diver on TV explore barrier reefs and dreamed about seeing it for yourself? Well, make that dream a reality by going to Ambergris, Belize, an island that boasts the world’s second-largest barrier reef. After you’re done swimming with the fishes (which include awesome marine life like stingrays and nurse sharks), relax with martinis on the pristine white sand beaches, and simply enjoy the sun on your face. We recommend you to go to Belize in either November or April — and get ready to get wet. 


    The pandemic has taken many opportunities from us, and the good news is — it’s starting to come to an end. No need to think about the good ol’ days of travel when you can simply create brand new memories. You only live once, after all — so get packing, and get ready for that bucket list trip of a lifetime.


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