4 New Hobbies to Try Post Lockdown

    The lockdown has left many people with no choice other than to try the indoor hobbies. Other than watching Netflix programs, many people have found hobbies in knitting, cooking, dancing, watercolor painting, and many more. Others have made writing, reading, and learning their new hobbies. However, most of these hobbies are only indoor-based, which means that you will need an entirely new thing to do post quarantine. 

    Luckily, there are hundreds of good outdoor hobbies that can try out and love. These hobbies can help you connect to nature, breathe fresh air, bond with your family, and relieve you of the quarantine stress.

    Here are the top 4 hobbies that you can consider post lockdown.


    Hiking is one of the most exciting activities that you can do during your free time. When hiking, you don’t need a vehicle because your main aim is to travel and explore the world with your feet. However, you can use a bike if the area you intend to visit is flat, and doesn’t have many mountains. One good thing about hiking is that it doesn’t consume much money. So, what preparations do you need for hiking? 

    • Hiking partner- a partner will give you the company you need to explore the world. When you hike alone, you will most probably be bored and lonely.
    • Choose the hiking route- there are many hiking trails that you can choose depending on your current location. You can get the route inspiration from different websites and guide books, or word of mouth from friends.
    • Choose your gear-some of the essentials that you must carry include the hiking footwear, backpack, food and water, and the first aid kit.


    Hunting is an old practice. People have been doing it for decades, and it is still relevant in this modern era. According to studies, more than 15 million Americans carry out hunting activities. Some do it to get food; others hunt as a way of exercising while others do it for fun, and to test their shooting skills. To start tracking, you must practice and familiarize yourself with the equipment that you will need. The essential tools include the spotting scope for shooting targets, bows, arrows, torches, and so on. As you do hunting over a long period of time, you can go into recognizing specific accessories like the 300 Winchester magnum muzzle brake and its specific uses.You might also require unique clothing that you will be wearing in the forests. Here are helpful strategies that you can use to increase your hunting success:

    • Be patient
    • Understand the best time and place to hunt
    • Avoid noise when hunting
    • Observe safety

    Scuba diving

    Scuba diving is an ideal hobby for water lovers. It is a fantastic experience that can help you learn new skills and enhance your emotional and physical health. Anyone can participate in scuba diving, provided that they have good health, and do not have severe underlying issues. Before you start, your trainer will ask you to fill and submit a health questionnaire. After that, you will be trained on what happens in scuba diving. Here are practical tips that you can apply to have a successful scuba diving hobby:

    • Get a scuba diving license
    • Look for an excellent trainer to help you
    • Join a scuba diving team
    • Get a scuba gear
    • Observe all the instructions you get from your instructor
    • Get a scuba diving insurance
    • Collect emergency numbers to carry when underwater


    Fishing is another exciting hobby for people who like spending time in the water. It is an important skill which has managed to pass through many generations. Most people carry out fishing activities to look for food, although the activity has many other benefits to the body. For instance, fishing promotes relaxation, with fishing rod holders you can do just this and fishing also boosts cardiovascular health.  It bestows patience and helps people to have a more fulfilling outdoor time. If you have never participated in any fishing activity, you can look for someone to teach you how to do it. Besides being a hobby, fishing can be your full-time job, mainly if you do it well. Here are helpful fishing tips:

    • Observe safety- remember to carry sunscreen, first aid kit and other things that you need to keep safe
    • Learn all the tricks and tips for catching the different types of fish
    • Understand the difference between freshwater and salty water when it comes to fishing
    • Learn how to swim

    There are many types of hobbies that you can try after lockdown, but we find the above the best ones. A hobby should be something you like, and you should, therefore, choose the best hobby according to your personal preferences. Do enough practice, collect the right information, and look for a professional to guide you through your new hobby.


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