Must-Have Gadgets for the Modern-Day Bearded Camper

    Few things excite the British more than a good game of football, but camping could very well be one of them. According to the Great Britain Tourism Survey of 2015, 15.39 million camping and caravanning trips were taken in the UK with 74.2% of the trips being in England, 17% being in Wales and 8.7% in Scotland. The total contribution camping made to the economy was a staggering £2.5bn.

    While going on a primitive camping trip with your father and roughing it in nature with only basic survival gear is fine when you are growing up, most adult men appreciate camping with a hint of creature comforts such as camping chairs and ethanol fireplaces when they mature a bit. They also might prefer a warmer place to stay at night, such as in a caravan! If you’re thinking of doing this, compare caravan insurance so you get the best deal. For many guys, getting a camping list of cool innovative camping gadgets is almost as exciting as going camping. You might actually be amazed at what outdoor gear is available for the avid camper. You can now enjoy a hot shower, portable and lightweight bedding, fresh espresso, and even a comfy bed all while camping under a blanket of stars.

    Inflatable tents and wearable sleeping bags

    New air pole technology or inflatable poly technology has significantly improved the effectiveness of the rapid-pitch tent with the invention of the inflatable tent.  These tents are extremely light regardless of their size and can be erected effortlessly even by one person.  They are much faster and easier to pitch than a conventional tunnel or dome tents and are just as easy to pack away after your camping trip.  With its removable arms, legs and booties the wearable sleeping bag might not be the epitome of manliness but it’s a great find for camping fanatics and festival goers alike. Said to be more comfortable than a conventional sleeping bag, it gives you the freedom to move in your sleep.

    Marshmallow roasting forks

    Don’t be fooled by the name of these handy utensils. These roasting forks have extendable handles to keep you at a comfortable distance from the fire.  While they may have been designed for roasting marshmallows these forks can easily lift a steak as well, making it the perfect fire-side accessory for any camping trip.

    marshmallows roasting on fire

     Portable beard trimmer

    If you are planning on going camping for more than a night or two it may be a good idea to invest in a portable beard trimmer to prevent your perfectly styled beard from turning grizzly. There are a number of trimmers by top brands on the market that are not only portable and durable but also offer an impressive battery life of up to two weeks from a single 80-minute charge, making it the ideal companion for an extended camping trip.

    Camping solar pressure shower and water UV purifying bottle

    This is the perfect accessory if you enjoy roughing it without showers. You simply fill it up with water, leave it in the sun and, by evening, enjoy a pleasantly warm shower by stepping on the foot pump and pressing the trigger.  The neat personal water purifying bottle is very useful for any camping trip there the tap water is questionable. It removes up to 99.9% of water bacteria using a UV system which only takes a minute to make it safe enough to drink.

    Camping can be enjoyed in many forms ranging from primeval to luxurious. There are no set rules as to where you must camp or what you must take to guarantee that your trip will be a memorable one. Follow your instinct, coerce a few mates to go with you and simply enjoy the simple pleasures nature has to offer.


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