7 Most Famous Bearded Men of 2017

    Everyone loves a man with a beard. There are several reasons for it: the male beard communicates independence, sturdiness, resourcefulness, and willing to venture out into the world and do many manly stuffs. It has also been linked to instill fear in enemies, signal sexual potency, and fend off germs.

    That’s why, I decided to include famous bearded actors of 2017. Selecting the actors was a tedious task , as most famous actors never always wear a beard.

    So I tried to stick with famous actors who are always bearded, including this year too. That’s why, perhaps other famous actors like Johnny Depp, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t make the cut in this list, because they didn’t have beard on their face this year, even though they’ve put on beard most of the time. Similarly, Joaquin Phoenix also didn’t make the cut because the legendary beard he was wearing was only for one movie role.

    With all that said, let’s discover the fashionable facial hair on the most famous bearded men of 2017:

    1. Tom Hardy

    Tom Hardy may be insanly popular being the famous English actor and a producer, but he’s also known by all for his fantastic facial hair. There’s a secret reason for it, too. His beard has an unkempt look, a sort of manly look, which signifies the epitome of manliness.

    Surely, he’s mostly recognized for his spectacular performances in The Revenant and The Dark Night, for which he won several academy awards, including a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. However, his facial hair may also be seen as much as an achievement in the eyes of the men who wear beards.

    2. Mark Ruffalo

    Mark is everything a woman fantasizes about in a man. He is talented, good looking, and he’s the guys who isn’t afraid to stand up in what he believes. That’s sexy! And I’ve seen many other actors wearing a beard – Robert Pattinson, for example. In fact, Pat wears beard more often than Mark.

    However, although I absolutely love Pat and his sense of style, I still had to pick Mark – because when Mark chooses to wear a beard, he just rocks the heck out of it.

    3. Russell Brand

    Can you imagine Russell Brand without his beard? I can’t. It just looks so natural on him. Sure, there are plenty of women out there who don’t really like Russell Brand, for reasons I don’t care, but a lot women absolutely adore Brand.

    One of the reasons why a lot of women dig Russell is simply because of his unwillingness to bend to fit in with the Hollywood crowd and his beard definitely a symbolic to that defiance.

    While more and more actors and celebrities are starting to sport beards these days, I think Russell still stands out. His facial hair has an overall image, and that’s what a lot of women love about him.

    4. Jeff Bridges

    Jeff Bridges is a helluva sexual beast. Yeah, of course, I lot of women out there may not agree with me, but I don’t have anything to say to them. It’s just something about him that a lot of women find insanely attractive, and honestly, I could not do this article without listing Jeff.

    The most interesting about Jeff is that he lets the grey in his facial hair show. Now, a lot of men in the entertainment industry do that – they’re are either too lazy or to scared to go that far. But, not Jeff. There’s something typical about Jeff and his beard that keeps women trembling on their toes.

    5. Zach Galifianakis

    I agree that not everyone loves Zach Galifianakis in the industry, but one thing you can’t deny: he has one of the most significant beards in Hollywood. Surely, sometimes, he looks awesome, while other times, he looks weird and over the top. For this reason, I always seem to go back and forth on Zach.

    But, like many of you guys, I have a deep respect for Zach and I have always been a serious lover of that facial hair. It’s untamed and wild, just like Zach himself. I wish he never gets rid of that facial hair, ever.

    6. Brad Pitt

    Over the years, Brad has put on several different types of beards, and that’s one of the reasons why he’s in this list for 2017. Not all of his bearded looks are impressive though. Sometimes his looks got me all dazed and confused, but for the most part I have to admit that no one, among the bearded actors, pulls off the best look like Brad does.

    Some of his bearded photos are least of my favorites, but there have been also plenty of real winners.

    George Clooney, Brad’s close pal, also loves to have a nice beard once in awhile but not as quite as often as Brad, which is why I’ve included him in this list, and not Mr. Clooney.

    7. Christian Bale

    Almost all of my friend love Christian Bale. Of course, he’s known for his untamed temper, but man, you have to appreciate his acting skills! I have never seen him in a movie that I didn’t think he was incredible in. Another reason why I love Bale is his complete lack of interest to play the Hollywood game.

    Sure, he has done some of the big blockbusters like Terminator and Batman, but he isn’t scared of doing some lower budget flicks like The Fighter, I’m Not There, and The Machinist.

    When, at the Academy Awards, he showed up sporting a longer locks and full bushy beard, I bet a lot of women fell in love with him just a little bit mor


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