3 Supplements and Superfoods Heading Our Way in 2018

    Supplements and ‘superfoods’ have been buzz words and booming industries in the last decade and there’s absolutely nothing to suggest the demand for ‘human optimisation’ products is slowing, with reports suggesting the supplement marketing in the US is due to grow 7% each year until 2022.

    If the last decade is anything to go by, we’re almost certainly going to see a new wave of supplements come our way in 2018. Based on recent research within the domain of health and nutrition, below are some products that we’ll see increasing in popularity and hitting the shelves next year:

    CBD Oil

    CBD has been very much under researched up until recently, mainly because it’s a compound that is found within cannabis sativa, which also contains THC: the compound people seek out recreationally to ‘get high’.

    Fortunately CBD is now starting to receive the research it deserves and is proving to be very beneficial. It’s already being used as a prescription medicine for people who suffer with epilepsy and various different phases of testing.

    cbd oil

    Furthermore, CBD is an incredibly strong natural anti-inflammatory and a great alternative to other anti-inflammatories on the market which have recently received opposing, negative research in recent months.

    Anyone that trains regularly in the gym at high intensity knows the impact that an excessive inflammatory response can have on the recovery process. CBD can really help alleviate some of this immune response, which can become chronic and cause some serious health issues.

    There’s already a lot of CBD products on the market, ranging from CBD Spray to all things CBD gummies to Vape liquid: famously smoked in the post-fight press conference by Nate Diaz at UFC 202 after his bout against Connor Mcgregor.

    Mushroom Tea

    You may have read the title for this one twice to double check, but you really can now buy mushroom tea, and for good reason! (It’s an amazing super food, well super drink shall we say).

    Certain strains of mushroom are incredibly high in powerful antioxidants: ergothioneine and glutathione.

    Antioxidants are very important to any healthy diet as they safeguard you against free radical build up, which over time leads to cellular damage which can cause undesired effects ranging from wrinkles to cancer.

    Free radicals accumulate as a result of oxidative stress, which is in part inevitable, however can also be massively increased by lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, being obese and stress. Consumption of foods and supplements packed full of antioxidants has therefore never been more necessary, therefore now old faithful green tea may need to make way for mushroom tea as people try to cleanse themselves of free radical damage.

    Alternatively, psychedelic mushrooms will be perfect to people with trauma or anxiety and to those who are constantly exposed to high levels of stress. Although the majority of the countries consider the use of these mushrooms as illegal, there are still others like Canada that do not fully restrict its usage. Buy Mushrooms Canada is a reliable online source for magic mushrooms in Canada.


    It’s amazing to think that something many of us have had stored at the back of our kitchen cupboards for years is now regarded globally as a super food.

    Turmeric is now not only used by curry fanatics to season the perfect meal, but also health fanatics and people who suffer with inflammation related ailments that are looking to naturally bring down chronic inflammation.

    The root, which originates in south East Asia, can be incredibly powerful at bringing down inflammation and reducing auto-inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. A caveat to this is that it ideally needs to be supplemented with Piperine: an enzyme found within black peppercorns that really assists with the absorption.

    This article was provided by Ste Watson, By Ste Watson, Fitness Blogger and Personal Trainer. Be sure to check out his site.


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