A Helpful Guide To Staying In Hostels

    It’s an enjoyable adventure to be a rucksack traveler, and part of the magic happens when book into a hostel. If you have been to hostels you know this to sound true.

    If you haven’t been to one yet, the following tips should enable you to have a pleasant time in hostels.

    The Location

    You don’t want to lodge anywhere in town. Take time and look into various locations that you will be comfortable with. A good location should support vacation.

    You may want to stay close to a bar if you like passing the evening with a few drinks. So, get a location that will liven your stay. It should be central, close to a railway station and away from pleasure districts. Unless that is part of the reason you chose the location.

    Make an Early Booking

    Who wants to walk a few blocks looking for a hostel full of jet lag? An early booking saves you time. Unless you enjoy the thrill of looking around what a town offers. It’s better to have some secure landing plan to save you any disorientation.

    You can reserve space through online platforms. Get the current travel guide, check what fits your budget and needs prior to booking.

    Pack the Necessary

    Unlike hotels, pack some extras if you will spend at a hostel. While hotels offer more privacy, hostels have a dormitory style of arrangement. You will need some extra items during your stay: Ear plugs to save you from snoring neighbors, torch, charger, different padlocks, bed liner, sarong, and travel towels. This will always come in handy.

    Some like bodega hostels, offer individual rooms and en-suite. If you are staying in such, then you don’t need all that. Take the necessaries only.

    What you should expect

    Hostels are humble places with people from all walks of life traveling like you. There are either same-sex or mixed room hostels. You can also find a hostel with all these different rooms. Make a choice depending on your preference.

    hostel dorm room
    Hostel rooms vary from private, small dorms, large dorms and same sex rooms

    A confident and social personality is key, but being yourself is more important. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. If your roommate does, flow with it.

    Alcohol may be common in some hostels. If you take it, always remember your limits or else you might sing us a happy rendition of Popeye the sailor man.

    Keep Safe

    Keep your pack safe and ensure your safety too. If they give lockers, put your belongings in there. A combination lock will serve you best with such.

    Get interested. Inquire for fire and emergency exits. Some surprises like fires need readiness.

    It is important to ask if at what time they lock doors at night. Do they use unlock codes? You might be a bit late and having the code should help. Knowing all the security details is important.

    Staying in a good hostel is fun. It gives you a chance to make friends, plus mingle with others from different backgrounds. Hostels may not offer the standard of a five-star hotel, but book into a good location, carry the necessary, stay safe and don’t forget to have a good time.

    Do you enjoy staying in hostels? What other tips do you have? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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