5 Reasons Every Dude Should Try Snorkeling

    If you’re already preparing for your summer vacation and wondering what new activity you could try, why not take up snorkeling? This fun activity is perfect for all guys who can’t sit still at the beach, but don’t want to do anything super extreme. So, no matter if you’re a lazy boy, an adventurist or a nature lover, here are the top five reasons why every dude should try snorkeling.

    It will introduce you to the underwater world

    Are you obsessed with National Geographic or Discovery documentaries about the underwater world? If yes, then you must see its beauties with your own eyes at least once in your life! One of the best things about the marine world is definitely ancient and colorful corals.

    They come in all different colors, shapes and sizes and they will make you understand why so many people put tremendous effort into coral conservation. You can also expect to see plenty of playful fishes of all colors, sizes and shapes. Even turtles are known to great snorkelers for time to time. If you grab an underwater camera, you can even take amazing photos and selfies that will make your Instagram blow up!

    It’ll keep you fit and healthy

    Even though many people see snorkeling as a purely leisurely activity while on vacation, it’s very much a sport just like cycling or jogging. It’s not very physically demanding, but after an hour of exploring and swimming, you will feel your muscles working overtime.

    Every time you kick with your legs and tread water with your arms, you’ll burn calories, exercise your abs and back, tone your legs and keep in shape. Additionally, snorkeling also improves breathing and works your heart all while being a very easy-on-the-body activity.

    Plus, you won’t get sweaty and hot as you do while running or pumping iron in the gym! It’s a pleasant activity that mixes pleasure and working out in the best way possible!

    It requires minimal training and equipment

    All that you need to do before going snorkeling is how to swim and be comfortable in the water, which are skills most of us already possess. No special classes are needed and you don’t have to be super fit to get the most out of your experience.

    The equipment you need is also minimal. A diving mask and a snorkel are all you need, but you can also throw in some fins for easier maneuvering and you’re all set! However, if you don’t feel comfortable with the traditional mask and snorkel, you can try something even better.

    Find your best full face snorkel mask, and you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing snorkeling experience. It will allow you to breathe through your mouth and nose simultaneously and provide you with a bigger viewing area.

    It’s a great form of therapy

    The sounds and motions of the sea are a great form of therapy. It can have healing effects on many parts of the body and mind. It relieves stress, provides exercise to people with mobility issues and helps alleviate painful joints. And if you’re scared to dive into the deep end (we won’t tell anyone) you don’t have to. It can be done on the surface of the water quite near the shore!

    It’s one of the best ways to connect with nature

    If you’re a dude who misses that primal connection with nature thanks to your city-dwelling lifestyle, snorkeling is a great way to bring yourself closer to the natural world. You will not only rediscover your love for Mother Earth but also get encouraged to take action to protect it! There are many other ways to protect our future such as supporting brands that produce sustainable swimwear products.

    Next time you find yourself border at the beach, don’t hesitate to try snorkeling. It can be very fun, demanding and exciting if you give it a chance!


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