5 Reasons Why Traveling To Cebu City Is A Great Vacation Choice

    Cebu City, being the oldest city in the Philippines, has so many things to offer than you can imagine. This tiny city situated in the middle of the tiny island of Cebu is home to an undeniably rich culture. It also houses so many tourist destinations and colorful festivities that so many people from all around the world want to visit this part of the world.

    Cebu City is a great place for those who are both looking for adventure and a relaxing vacation. Here are five reasons why traveling to Cebu City is a great vacation choice for you.

    1. Dancing in the streets of Cebu City for Sinulog Festival

    Every third Sunday of January, Cebuanos and people from all over the world gather in the streets of Cebu City to celebrate the Sinulog Festival. This festival is an annual cultural and religious festival in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Nino. All the streets are open for people during this time and for delegates to join in the parade and participate in street dancing. Parties are also held everywhere. From every nook and corner of Cebu City, people are celebrating this once a year festivity.

    2. Satisfying your gastronomic adventure with delicious street foods

    Cebu City is also known to be the home of delicious street foods. It is known for their puso, or hanging rice, which is basically rice cooked inside woven coconut leaves. It is paired with famous street foods such as kwek-kwek and tempera. It is also a great combination for Lechon or roasted pig which Cebu is famously known for.

    cebu city street food

    3. You will find the Mother and Head of All Churches in the Philippines in Cebu City

    The Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines and is known as the Mother and Head of All Churches in the country. It is built in the spot where the image of Sto. Nino was found during the expedition of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. This church has an astonishing and intricate architecture that it is flocked by tourists every single day.

    4. Pristine beaches are only an hour or two away

    The island of Cebu is blessed with so many pristine beaches that are only a few hours away from the heart of Cebu City. You will definitely see white sand beaches and sandbars as well as turquoise waters that seem to meet the cerulean sky. These beaches are the perfect spot for a very relaxing vacation under the sun.

    cebu city beach

    5. Hotel staycation is fun in Cebu City

    If you do not feel like going out or traveling to the far-flung parts of Cebu Island, you can still a great vacation by simply staying at any Cebu, Philippines hotels. You will be surprised to find exciting and fun things to do while staying in any of the best hotels in Cebu City. It only proves that even by just going for a simple hotel staycation in Cebu City is a great vacation choice.


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