Alchemiq Catering

    Founded by Igor Zukowiec, the crown NYC food stylist and an extremely innovative (to say the least) mixologist, Alchemiq Catering is the best service you can get around if you are looking to organize and/or host an event.

    Alchemiq Catering

    Thanks to the years of collaboration with top NYC restaurants and liquor brands and being a visionary that he is, Zukowiec fashioned a service that merges quality and style in such a delightful and positively chilling manner. Alchemiq Catering is where vision meets execution in what appears to be a fascinatingly easy method (although we all know it takes a skillful eye and hand to come up with concepts like that), leaving a list of a satisfied clientele always coming back for more. From Google, Microsoft, Cosmopolitan and Stella McCartney to Tequila Patron, Chivas, SnapChat and a range of others, everyone seems to understand and crave the product of this spectacular place. And what’s the product? The perfect blend of professionalism and quality that pays equal attention to cocktails and food.

    alchemiq catering

    The iconic service

    Alchemiq Catering is that one brand you want signed on all of your events. Not only does the highly-skilled, innovative team behind it take the burden off your shoulders by doing all the behind-the-scenes work, but they also provide a delightful range of foods and drinks you’ll ever taste, styled in an exquisite manner.

    As they admit it, they are a “dual experience New York catering company offering passed and stationary trendy hors d’oeuvres and an incomparable mixology experience”. It is safe to say that their approach to event and food design is exceptionally original and always brings that special flair to the events they cover. And it’s not just the decoration and food; Alchemiq’s mixology approach is everything but ordinary! Make no mistake; your guests will be left in awe.

    Alchemiq specialty

    If you are saying your I dos soon, turn to Alchemiq for catering. The company’s specialty is modern weddings featuring high-end food and a chic mixology experience. Each wedding signed by Alchemiq is embellished with inimitable displays or interactive arrangements with the idea of making your day delightful. Their chef’s stations feature incomparable food selections and cocktail catering you won’t easily forget. Whether you are into old-fashioned, upscale service or modern molecular mixology – Alchemiq Catering’s got you and your guests covered. One of the most attractive things about this brand is their choice of desserts. From artisanal truffles with custom print and French glazed mousses to lips-shaped BonBons and le merveilleux, the assortment of desserts is just as fabulous as the rest of the offer. Alchemiq disapproves of repetition, so its staff has to constantly improve and work on their creativity!

    alchemiq catering

    A different spring/summer

    If you need Alchemiq’s services from March to September, you’ll be happy to hear that their menu has expanded to cater to their clientele’s tastes.

    Their menu is currently “hosting” multi-cultural delights, such as Italian Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms, Thai Style Lamb Bites, Champagne Caviar Oysters, Hoisin Glazed Duck Crepe, and Minced Chicken Tacos with Pineapple Salsa. Naturally, Alchemiq is sensitive to everyone’s tastes, which is why their vegetarian and vegan menu is beaming with delicious items such as Avocado Mousse in Olive Cones, Cucumber Flower Canapés, Mini Lettuce Wraps with Strawberry, Basil, Almond & Balsamic. And the desserts? The desserts are truly delicious: S’mores Macarons, French Glazed Mousses, Trendy Cake Pops, and Verrines. Is your mouth watering already? If it’s not – it’s about to.

    The beverage options are given the same amount of attention as the food menu (nothing surprising for Alchemiq, really). An incredible variety of fancy cocktails is being prepared for all the customers accompanied with theatrical serving techniques such as stencil-spraying your logo and dry ice chilling. How’s that for a show stopper or a conversation starter?


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