Bullingberg Make Hair Raising Offer To Fighter Conor McGregor

    British men’s grooming brand Bullingberg has put together a hair-raising way to show their support for Notorious fighter Conor McGregor – by offering him a stake in the company if he can defeat Floyd Mayweather.

    The Irish bearded warrior, whose nicknames include Notorious and Mystic Mac, will go where no other fighter has been before when he crosses over from UFC to boxing to face the undefeated Mayweather. The odds are stacked against him – and win or lose, McGregor’s iconic and fearsome Celtic beard will take a real hammering from the exertion. To keep his facial hair in fine fettle, Bullingberg has sent some of its products to the Notorious fighter.

    It has also written a letter offering Mystic Mac a 2.5 per cent stake in the start-up firm if he can stop Mayweather within five rounds. The letter, which has been sent off this week, reads: “At Bullingberg, we are passionate about creating the best men’s grooming and personal care products and are on track to become one of the most successful start-ups in our market segment here in the UK.

    Yousaf Sekander
    Yousaf Sekander letter to Conor McGregor

    “We are among your biggest fans and are truly inspired by everything you’ve achieved so far in your remarkable career. Not only is it a thrill to watch you perform in the arena, but we believe Mystic Mac’s beard is also a thing of beauty. As such, we are reaching out to wish you victory against Floyd Mayweather and are delighted to be able to include some of our products to help your facial hair remain in the finest possible shape”

    “To demonstrate our unwavering support, we are also making a public commitment to give you
    2.5% of our company should you win the match against Mayweather on the 26th August 2017
    within the first five rounds.”

    Millions of people across the globe are expected to tune in to the fight in Las Vegas on August
    26. After dominating the UFC mixed martial arts scene, McGregor is crossing over to professional boxing for the first to face a fighter with a 49-0 record. Yousaf Sekander, managing director at Bullingberg, said: “Since launching, we have developed a reputation for creating remarkably luxurious beard oils for the impeccably stylish gentleman – gentlemen like Conor McGregor.

    Yousaf Sekander of Bullingberg

    “Just four years ago Mystic Mac was picking up a dole cheque and now he is one of the most recognisable sports men around. His transformation into a global icon is an inspiration to us all, which is why we’ve put together this offer. We know the odds are stacked against him. But, as he possesses one of the finest beards around, it only makes sense that when it comes to one of the biggest bouts the world has ever seen we stand firmly in Conor’s corner.”


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