Tips on How Bedding Can Transform Your Interior Design

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    How To Use Beddings For Interior Design 

    1. Texture And Texture

    That’s right. “Texture”. There are several types of bedding made with unique textures that stand out against cookie-cutter boring sheets. They can instantly elevate the way a room appears at a glance. And longer. 

    Besides this, go for a variety of fabrics for cushions and duvets. Of course, you’ll have to be picky with which ones you mix and match. Note that “contrast” should be dealt with very carefully. Nevertheless, we’re pretty sure you’ll have fun combining pieces together.

    2. The More, The Merrier With Pillows 

    There are those who prefer to be a bit more on the conservative side on the subject of the number of pillows to put on display. But if you’re serious about giving your room that splash of awesomeness, it’s okay to be semi-crazy with pillows. 

    To really amp it up a notch, try to vary the pillow sizes you purchase. Let the royal pair take their places— king and queen pillows. Your standard-sized cushions can be a staple as well. Then, you can add in euro and decorative pillows for an interesting assortment. 

    3. Run It With A Bed Runner 

    That long piece of cloth folded to about an eighth of the width of the bed and located at its edge (close to the front leg) is called a bed runner. And much like it serves as a decorative piece in those big-name five-star hotels, you can adapt the same idea in your own bedroom. 

    Let it shine as a statement piece. It’s not meant to blend in with the rest of your bedding. It’s meant to bring in that pop of color and texture. This implies that you’ll have to be creative with pigments as you juxtapose that of your bed runner with your bed and bedroom accessories.

    4. Weigh In On Weighted Blankets 

    You’ll be surprised at how weighted blankets can transform the look and feel of your bed without you needing to exert too much effort in redecorating. Aside from how weighted blankets are considered therapeutic, they’re just that pleasing to the eyes, too. 

    Whether you go for neutral, earthy tones or more vibrant hues, as long as you get smart with how you parallel their color schemes with your bedding accessories, you’ll be good to go. 

    5. Blankets Aren’t Just For The Bed 

    Choose decorative blankets to drape over a single or long chair in your space. It’s an age-old interior design tip that always stands the test of time. Doing so will give the place a glimmer of “effortless chic”. Plus, in reality, this shall play on quite literally! Not much work to do with a mere laying of a blanket over furniture! 

    6. Go Bold With Decorative Cushions 

    Not cushions for your cot. Cushions on a lounge chair, or even a few to set on the carpet. They can be used as ornaments. Above all, they’re a more economical room embellishment compared to a full-on room reconstruction. 

    Don’t be afraid of too-striking designs. Decorative cushions should be a tad dramatic, if we may say so. A bit of design drama, in the most artful way possible, won’t hurt your room’s interior design. It’ll be the star of the show. 


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