5 Ways to Best Market Your Grooming Products

    Having a beard and maintaining it can be an entire lifestyle. Awareness about beard grooming has grown over the years, and so has the beard-care industry. 

    Have you recently started selling grooming products? Knowing how to market your brand to the right audience is key to helping your business gain customers. Here are five ways you can market to the beard-care community:

    1. Track Your Marketing Strategy with Analytics

    Before anything, you want to gather hard data on your marketing strategy to determine the areas you need to improve. The data research starts with analytics.

    If you are selling your products on Amazon, it is crucial to keep track of analytics to make sure your marketing is successful. Seller tools like Viral Launch display performance metrics for your ad expenditures. You also can use it to research vital information such as keywords.

    You can check out Project FBA blog post on the Viral Launch extension to access important data for your business. 

    2. Create a YouTube Channel

    It is essential to demonstrate how your grooming products work with tutorials, so people can see why they should buy from you. If you create a YouTube channel for your grooming product, people will be able to identify your brand better from others. 

    There is a community out there on YouTube that follows beard-care trends. If you stay consistent with videos within your niche, you’ll see organic traffic from men searching for grooming care or advice.

    3. Collaborate with Influencers

    Men’s beard care is a particular audience. If you collaborate with an influencer, make sure it is someone within the bearded community that represents your brand’s lifestyle. 

    Some influencers may be better at gaining followers, increasing sales, or driving engagement. When choosing an influencer to work with, a good rule is to see a 2-3% engagement rate on their posts. That engagement rate signals their followers actively pay attention to what they put online.

    4. Instagram Giveaways

    Another way to interact with your fan base is to create a promotional giveaway. You can do this on a special occasion where you give away your product for free, but in return, gain exposure and engagement. 

    One option is a contest. You can ask people to follow your page, get people to tag their friends to follow, or engage with your site, then select a random winner. To add some more excitement to the giveaway, a second or third runner-up could win a small prize as well.

    5. Facebook Advertising

    You want to receive your money’s worth when paying for Facebook ads. When creating Facebook ads for your brand, you should judge how successful other grooming product company’s ads were. You can learn from a company in your industry to see what worked and what did not work for them and apply it to your advertisement. 

    Besides paying for advertising on Facebook, you can also join bearded community groups or create a Facebook fan page for your grooming product — all for free. That way, you can stay connected to finding what products your customers want to see in your company.

    6. E-Mail Marketing

    Building a solid e-mail list and marketing through e-mail is a great way to drive people directly to your site. 

    That said, not every customer needs their inbox spammed with loads of emails. You can create segmented emails to your customers so they receive specific emails geared towards them. It can make customers feel like their email is personalized and that your brand values them as loyal customers.


    When you sell grooming products online, it is vital to reach the bearded community where they gather. These marketing ideas can help you engage with your audience and drive sales to your products. Make sure to look back at your analytics, so you can see which marketing strategies worked best for your company.


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