Totally Great Tricks To Look Awesome In Pictures

    Regardless of how we feel about our appearance, anybody can look fabulous in photos. Whether it’s a bathroom selfie, a picture with your best friend, or a group wedding photo, it’s all about learning and applying those techniques that will enable you to look your best. Now, while cosmetic surgery might be a bit of a stretch, here are a couple of superb tricks to help you maximize your photogenic potential!

    Get Used to Taking Photos

    A prime reason why many people don’t like how they look in photos is because they’ve never gotten used to having their picture taken. They’ll look awkward at best, and unflattering at worst. So, once you allow yourself to be comfortable in front of a camera and not stress over the result, this will automatically help you look ten times better.

    Highlight Your Best Features

    As with any great undertaking, practice makes best. Get in front of your mirror or camera objective and study your face objectively. What is the one feature that makes it stand out? It could be your hair, the color of your eyes, your cheekbones and lips, or even your face contours. Once you figure this out, experiment with different angles, head tilts, and face expressions to determine how you’d look the most appealing.

    Find the Light

    Lighting plays a crucial role in photography, in urban shots just as much as in portraits. You could use a flash, but natural sunlight is always best. Make sure the light is illuminating your face rather than the side of it, as this could cast unflattering shadows and accentuate imperfections. In any case, the experts at Parker Photographic suggest using a post-editing tool to correct the lighting of the photo and ensure that it compliments your appearance nicely. With some research, you’ll find plenty of practical websites to help you master these tools like a pro.

    Strike a Pose

    Standing with your body facing forward is the best way to make any photo look dull and unappealing. Instead, let your body tilt a little to the side, and position one shoulder forward while keeping a straight back. This creates a slimming effect and will give your shots a nicer perspective. Whenever you’re asked to take part in a group photo, be sure to remember good posture as this can indeed make a world of difference for your appearance.

    Smile Naturally

    The key to looking great in pictures is to be and feel natural. If you over exaggerate a pose, chances are you’ll end up looking goofy and amateurish. The same goes for your smile; since a fake or forced one can be seen from miles away and can make you look unflattering, practice your best, most natural smile. It should feel effortless and convey a positive emotion. Find a good lip positioning, not too timid, but not too wide either, and engage with your eyes.

    Switch Things Up

    You don’t always need to be standing up or smiling to look good in a picture. Try some variety and have fun with it! Get in a seated or laid down position, pose while walking, or stand on your toes. Likewise, experiment with different face expressions, raise an eyebrow, smile on one side only, etc. As mentioned earlier, it’s important that you feel comfortable and relaxed to be able to look the par.

    Don’t Overdo it on Makeup

    While makeup can be a great asset to make your face look beautiful and correct imperfection, it goes without saying that too much of it can ruin a photo. Depending on the occasion, opt for a light and natural makeup to highlight your best features without going overboard.

    Wear the Right Clothes

    What you wear can also significantly impact your photogenic appearance. Clothes that are not in line with your body type can belittle your figure and make you look mundane. So, as much as possible, opt for an outfit that suits you and choose colors to best complement your skin tone.

    Be Confident

    Lastly, but importantly, it’s virtually impossible to take a good picture without a good dose of confidence. Every shot you take, picture yourself on the red carpet, or imagine that you’re taking it for an important ID document. Focus on your positive attributes, and be proud to show off your unique features!

    Taking great, flattering pictures can be tricky business. But with these simple and easy to implement hacks, you’ll be able to showcase yourself in a more positive light. Remember the importance of practicing your face and body pose, choice of lighting, clothes, and makeup, and to have fun with it!


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