How to Personalize Your Living Space

    Anywhere you live you want to make it yours. Personalizing your living space is a common desire for anyone no matter where they are. This is especially true when you move into a new house or apartment or you feel like you are stuck in a rut and want to change up your style and your environment you live in. Personalizing is fun and it should always feel that way.

    The toughest decision to make when trying to personalize your living space is where to start or what kind of setup you want to go with. Getting inspiration is tough so hopefully these tips can help you get started.

    Where You Should Start

    With any personalizing, you need to do a rundown on what you want to change. These are some areas you can start with or think about before you come up with a theme or change:

    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Living Room
    • Basement
    • Home office
    • Car
    • Backyard

    Of course, these are not all of the spaces but they do represent the most important. Consider how many areas you want to change up, if not all of them, and focus on them and see how it looks first.

    Personalization Factors

    Once you settle on where you will start first, you need to start considering how your style will impact it. Do you prefer functionality over comfort, or do you like comfort over everything working perfectly? Do you want more storage space or do you not mind some clutter for a look of somewhere lived in? These are some considerations you need to make.

    Aside from those factors, you have to consider big changes like themes. Themes can be rustic, futuristic, modern, timeless, or a combination of different styles. Colors are another big thing too. Do you want a room that has a cool blue feeling to it or a more energetic and fired up red look? These are some larger ideas that you have to think about when it comes to personalizing a living space.

    Consider how pieces of furniture or other larger appliances will fit into your space if you really plan on overhauling the space. Generally speaking though, you can find a lot of inspiration online for how other people have incorporated chairs, couches, desks, drawers, or lamps and other big additions to a room. 

    Make Small Changes First

    A good piece of advice is to slowly change your living space through personalization and see how these small changes add up first. For an office, the mousepads of can be a way to add a little flair to this space in a small part. From there you can start experimenting more like moving things around. This is a big part of interior design, minor changes making big impacts. Also important is how a room flows in terms of placement.

    Good areas to start with too are bathrooms because they can be improved by small things like a little mirror on a wall or a plant in a window sill. Interior design is not always about changing up everything all at once and in big sweeping changes but with small considerations and slowly building a style on your own. You can always use other peoples inspiration or you can just experiment, whatever feels more natural.

    Create a Checklist

    Making a checklist is a good idea too to keep track of everything you want. This should include a budget for how much stuff you want to purchase in case you are worried about spending too much. Having a budget is a good idea even for small changes just in case you want to figure out how much to spend on other areas you want to personalize your living space. Budgeting is just a good practice to have when considering changes to your home.

    The other parts of the checklist are mostly the things that were already addressed. Things like where you want to start, what you want to focus on first, maybe if you plan on doing small renovations you should figure out times to do it, like a weekend.

    Personalizing a living space can be as big or small as you want. You can overhaul the paint job and bring in a huge sectional couch to change the room or you can do something as simple as adding a fun mousepad to a home office. T

    here is no limit to how much or how little you can do and it is entirely up to your taste as to how you want to change your living spaces, but these tips should help you figure where to start.


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