Preparing Your Home For The Newborn: A Complete List Of The Essentials

    Parents start pre-baby preparations from the moment they discover they’re having a baby. They start buying generic items like car seats and breast pumps for breastfeeding, and the minute they find out whether it’s a boy or a girl, everyone in the family, not just the parents, start buying clothes, pampers, infant milk formulas and other baby essentials.

    However, the very moment you get to hold your baby in your arms and get to the point where you can take them home, a whole new level of anxiety is triggered. It’s absolutely normal for new parents to have no idea what to do with their baby the minute they arrive at home.

    For more info, you can also check this free baby feeding guide. It’s so important to prepare everything well in advance so that you are ready for any situation as you welcome the newest member of the family into your home.

    Here’s a complete list of essentials to prep your home for your newborn.

    Sleep Essentials 

    It’s imperative to have all the right items to ensure that your baby is sleeping comfortably and with ease. It’s very hard to stay away from your newborn baby, even while they sleep. The sudden death of newborn babies is a real thing and to prevent it from occurring you can fit a small cot near your bed.

    This way it will be much easier for you to feed them in the middle of the night and make sure they’re safe and healthy. A few baby pillows can be helpful too, newborn babies tend to turn to their left and right sides all the time, and if a baby flips and turns on their stomach, they could choke. 

    Make sure you get a couple of small pillows to place around the baby. You can try going the extra mile by getting an air purifier for the room. This ensures that the air your little one is breathing is clean and moist enough to help them relax and breathe easy.

    You should also ensure that you have your filters changed regularly in your ventilation and ACs for the same reason. The offers and options found at  FilterBuy offer deals for air filters that can work as a whole-house coil or replacement air filters, instead of using filters for only specific rooms.

    You will find different sizes that are suitable for every room in the house and they’re a safe solution to purifying the air in your house. You can also go the extra mile since the bedroom is going to be the place the baby spends most of their time in and make sure it’s extra clean and well ventilated.

    Bathtime Essentials

    Bathing your baby could be as easy as placing them in the kitchen or bathroom sink but new parents do not like the sound of that. To make sure your baby is having safe, healthy, and enjoyable baths, try and get a baby tub so you don’t have to worry about carrying them correctly while bathing them.

    Get hooded towels, shampoo, and shower gel that is made for newborn infants and some washcloths. Make sure you get a baby brush for their hair and do not forget to put baby powder on their body after every shower.

    Diaper Changing Essentials

    Changing tables and waterproof covers are the ideal solution for your comfort as a parent. Most parents suffer from bending hundreds of times every day to change their newborns’ nappies or to get them into new, clean onesies.

    The only downside to getting one of those tables is that babies can roll and fall off of them and we don’t want that to happen, do we? Make sure you have enough pillows under the table or just change their nappies on a floor mat to be safer. What you don’t want to forget is getting yourself a big diaper bag, cream, unscented baby wipes, and some actual diapers.

    Feeding Essentials

    Your baby will spend most of their time either sleeping or eating so you have to make sure their sleeping essentials taking care of and at the same time make sure you get enough bottles, nipples, bottle warmers and quality baby formula if you decided to go with formula feeding also make sure you get the bottle brush to be able to wash it very well.

    If you can afford a dishwasher then you should consider getting a small one too for the baby. You also have to make sure you get those nursing pillows and have enough burp towels for after they’re done eating. Consider getting one of those high chairs as well so you don’t end up carrying the baby around all day long.

    There are other essentials that you might forget but will make your baby even healthier and happier. You don’t want to forget about playing essentials like bouncy chairs, baby books, and newborn toys or comfortable rocking chairs.

    To ensure that your baby’s hygiene is well taken care of make sure you buy a digital thermometer, a baby nail clipper, and just breath. Newborn babies are made to survive new parent mistakes so make sure you’re well-hydrated, keep some snacks on a side table for yourself, and don’t stress everything out. Enjoy your time with your newborn.


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