How To Make Your Wife Say “WOW” During Your Honeymoon Trip?

    Are you setting out on a honeymoon? Did you know that 99% of married couples go for a honeymoon? As many as 75% of married couples take one within their first week of marriage, according to a study.

    It would help if you took care of everything. Irrespective of the different stages of planning, one wrong strategy will eventually make your entire honeymoon go wrong. Honeymoon is the time when you as a couple get more time to interact and know each other.

    After you have spent months planning it, you want it to be special. You’d be surprised, but several couples delay their honeymoon. Honeymoon surely has to be the best time when intimacy can be at its peak. 

    No matter how great and easy this sounds, planning your honeymoon can be stressful. So, if you have been planning to make your wife go “WOW,” you need to make sure that you are doing it from all aspects.

    If you are confused, let us guide you through the process. Some of the best ways through which you can have a honeymoon to remember are:

    Fill up your wife’s bucket list

    Once you start planning your honeymoon, make sure that you find out what tops the bucket list of your balloon. Everyone has different desires, and if your wife has one too, you may plan your honeymoon activity accordingly. Also, elevating your wife’s wildest desires is something that will surely make your wife go “WOW” and be astonished. You can plan secret dinners, coveted sunrise, fireworks, and so much more.

    Book a special room

    Your honeymoon is supposed to be your time with your wife. Thus, you will surely want it to be special. So, why waste time staying like any regular schedule? Well, booking a special room, especially the suite, can be the best way to make your wife feel special. The hotels these days offer luxury suites at an affordable rate. Therefore, before proceeding with one, you can check one and take your wife by surprise.

    Prioritize intimacy

    Intimacy is the key to getting close to each other. And there’s no time better than the honeymoon to get close to one another. Vacation is always considered to be the best time when you will be tempted to do a lot of things.

    Since you are out vacationing, you will want to go shopping and so much more. There will be very little time for relaxation. But don’t let that lessen your chances of being intimate with one another. Bonding during your vacation will be a huge bonus and is much better than spending your day shopping.

    Spice up things in the bedroom

    Want to get closer to your wife? Try spicing things up in the bedroom. One of the main reasons most couples break up is due to the lack of sex in their life. There are several ways through which you can spice up, like bringing in a wine. Well, if you feel that there is not enough spark to boost up things on the bed, get different products.

    Spanish Fly Pro is one of the most prominent mixtures containing strong aphrodisiac products that can boost sexual desires for women. All you need to do is pour a few drops into the beverage as per personal demand and bring changes in your sex life.

    Maintain sexual hygiene

    There have been several reported cases where women have suffered from honeymoon cystitis. Most women suffer from urinary tract information because they have too much sex. 

    The immune system has already undergone too much pressure and stress due to long marriage planning. As a result, you need to take care of your sexual life. Small efforts for promoting healthier sex will surely appeal to your wife.

    Get gifts

    If you want your wife to feel special in your honeymoon, you need to put in small efforts and bring her gifts. Once you have decided on the place you are traveling to, you can choose the most potential gift for them. You might as well indulge in relaxation combos, safari beaches, and a lot of other adventure activities.

    While you may want your wife to go all “WOW,” you need to ensure that you don’t overdo things. Overdoing things will eventually bring down the whole appeal. Whether it is budding romance or sex, taking care of all the aspects will lead to a happy, sexually-active married life.


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