10 Great Motorcycle Gift Ideas, And How To Afford Them

    For that biker in your life (that could be you) there are almost countless great gift ideas, and in this technological age, gadgets are the rage. Here are 10 motorcycle gadgets any biker will love, as well as some great tips on how to finance these often-expensive purchases:

    Xena-XX6 Alarm Disc-Lock

    Security is a key consideration for all motorcycle owners, but you can go a long way to deterring would-be thieves with the Xena-XX6 Alarm Disc-Lock which combines the solidity of stainless steel with all the technological know-how you would expect to be found in its in-built alarm system. Retailing at just under $100 this is a gift that won’t break the bank either.

    Garmin VirbX Action-Camera

    Filming road trips has become all the rage, and The Garmin VirbX Action-Camera combines high-resolution images with a number of other features such as in-built GPS and a number of data measurement capabilities such as speed and altitude which can be correlated after. At about $500 this is an expensive bit of kit, so consider flexible means of payment.

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    Sena 20s-Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication-System

    Top-notch communication equipment is a must for any serous motorcycle group, and the Sena 20s-Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication-System, coming in at around $250, fits the bill. With a blue-tooth radius of over a mile, and the capability to encompass eight riders into one network, this is a must for any touring group.

    The Garmin 220-Zumo

    You can’t leave home without the GPS! The Garmin 220-Zumo, at around $300, offers eight hours battery life on a full charge and a compact, and waterproof. Touchscreen display that is sure to get the job done.

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    The Antigravity X.P-1-Micro-Start Personal Power-Supply

    Coming it around $150, a portable power supply, especially one that has the capability of charging a phone and starting a V-8 engine, is a handy bit of kit when setting off on a long journey. Weighing in a only 12 ounces too, it’s not unnecessary weight.

    Bikemaster Multi-tool With Sockets

    A pocket-sized multi-tool just makes good sense: in fact, setting off without one is just poor planning. The Bikemaster Multi-tool is a great example of a practical and easy-to-carry tool solution that has just about everything you could possible need for a fast roadside repair. And at 12 bucks, it just makes total sense.

    Icon Urban motorcycle Tank Bag

    Not strictly a gadget, but incredibly useful nonetheless, as if you have ever worried about where to store your essentials when setting off on a long ride, this waterproof, magnetic mount tank bag which has the capability to be transformed into a convenient backpack, and carry your helmet, is an example of a practical piece of kit that every rider should have, especially for around $120.

    Scottoiler Electronic Chain Oil System

    This little gadget can automatically lube your chain and sprocket to get the longest life out of your equipment. At around $300 its not cheap but if it prolongs the life-cycle of your motorcycle, then it’s worth the investment.

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    JBL Cruise Bluetooth Handlebar Speaker Kit

     For those music lovers, this little gadget can really help provide the soundtrack to your next long journey or tour. Waterproof, easily attachable to your handlebars, and with Bluetooth capabilities, at $200 it won’t break the bank either.

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    Wireless Helmet Brake Light

    A great safety invention, the Wireless Helmet Brake Light consists of 12 LED lightbulbs which act as an additional warning, particularly when the traffic is close behind or in bad weather conditions. 

    These are all great gift ideas, but most involve a degree of financial freedom. Look at savings options to get your money working harder, or flexible forms of payment which don’t go heavy on the interest.

    Ellie Coverdale is a lifestyle and career writer with Essayroo and UK Writings. She enjoys sharing her job hunting and professional development tips with her audience. She is interested in connecting businesses and the talent that will make them go further. Ellie also teaches writing classes on Boom Essays.


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