5 Travel Experiences to Add to Your Bucket List

    The world has an abundance of experiences and moments to offer, whether you want to explore ancient ruins and countryside while backpacking or absorb the culture and vibrance of a country right in the centre of its major cities. With travel experiences at our fingertips, our travel bucket lists are getting longer and longer as more of the world is uncovered and opened up to visitors.

    But, for those needing a little inspiration, we compiled a list of the top five travel experiences that you should put right at the top of your bucket lists.

    1. See the Eclipse in Chile

    South America will this year be the sight to view a total solar eclipse, an event that brings a premature twilight to the continent and only happens once every few years in different locations around the earth. Chile, with its stunning range of vineyards and historic cities, is the perfect holiday destination for this event.

    The gorgeous landscape of the Elqui Valley is especially recommended as a great place to view the upcoming eclipse. Many travellers follow the eclipses wherever they may occur, but for the regular traveller, Chile offers an enviable location to view this stunning natural event and a vast country to explore afterwards.

    2. Raft the Grand Canyon in the United States

    Formed by billions of years of natural erosion, the Grand Canyon is one of the USA’s most visited and most brilliant sights. Many visitors only get to see the Canyon from above, but you can experience it from a whole new angle while rafting through the Colorado River that runs through it.

    people rafting on the colorado river
    Did you know that the Colorado River stretch approximately 2,330 kilometres

    Travel blog Wanderlust says that this might just be the most unique way to experience the majesty of the Canyon, allowing you to get intimately acknowledged with the rocky formation. The Canyon’s river also leads to some fantastic hidden beaches, coves and even local hotels, where you can stay right within this iconic structure. If you are looking to explore the West or East coast USA and want something a little more luxurious, we recommend visiting ilimoww nyc car service.

    3. Watch the Wildlife in Africa

    Each year, over two million animals move across the African continent from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the National Reserve in Kenya and is considered one of the greatest natural wonders in the world. No wonder it makes our list of top travel experiences- more and more people are heading to the relatively untravelled beauty of the African outback to explore.

    Travel blog My Domaine advises that the best time to visit is between July and October when the migration is at its most dense. Animals can work on their timetable, however, but it’s worth visiting to be one of the lucky few to witness these magnificent beasts in their natural habitat. If you are also thinking about a safari honeymoon then we recommend you visit Purely Honeymoons, they have some great honeymoon guides for newly engaged couples.

    4. Explore Switzerland on the Glacier Express

    If you want to explore the famous Swiss Alps, but would rather do it from the comfort a first-class carriage, look no further than taking a trip of the famous Glacier Express. This iconic train travels the longest length of rail throughout the country and is one of the most popular choices for travellers.

    The Glacier Express train
    The Glacier Express is an express train that conenects two major Swiss Alp mountain resorts of Zermatt and St. Moritz

    Over the course of your travel, you’ll see great mountain landscapes, gorges, caves, tunnels and more in a way you could never experience on foot or on skis. The train also comes equipped with restaurant service, so you can enjoy a glass of champagne as you travel through the Swiss Alps in style and luxury. It’s an experience like no other and not one to be missed if you’re travelling during the Winter.

    5. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

    A perfect choice for more adventurous travellers, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s most famous and celebrated locations and offers a 360 degree view of the beautiful city and open waters around Sydney. Over four million have climbed the bridge to date and the experience has been voted number one Travellers’ Choice Experience in Australia for multiple years.

    This one is not for the faint at heart, but reviews from those who have chosen to climb are overwhelmingly positive. Climbing the bridge is also a popular activity for a number of famous faces- those who have climbed in the past include tech mogul Bill Gates, the entire Tottenham Spurs Football team and Australian royalty, Steve, Terri and Bindi Irwin.

    If you are planning a road trip down under then be sure to check out our recent article – 5 tips for your Australian road trip.


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