Useful Gifts Your Elderly Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day

    Mother’s day is upon us and this year, due to Coronavirus, will be one of the most difficult when it comes to choosing the perfect gift. In years gone by, we often will have bought physical presents or gone for a meal at a favorite restaurant, but due to social distancing, we need to think outside the box and maybe try to find something more creative that can be enjoyed from home.

    Perhaps we can think ahead to more normal times and prepare for the future, or perhaps we look to the past to rekindle joyful memories.

    Here we are going to take a look at the best gifts for our elderly Mom’s this mother’s day.

    Plants and flowers

    Who doesn’t like to receive a beautiful bouquet on a special occasion, or wake up every morning to a garden in full bloom? Well, with time on our hands why not treat your Mom to a box set of everything she might need to plant those windowsill flowers?

    Maybe she is a dab hand in the kitchen and would like to grow her fresh herbs? With delivery services fully functioning these things can be ordered online and delivered fresh for her to spend her afternoons with a little piece of nature. Failing that I’m sure she’d love to receive that perfectly smelling bunch of fresh flowers to brighten up her big day.


    Subscription services are all the rage and the possibilities are endless. Touching on the above, you could gift your Mom a monthly arrange-it-yourself flower delivery, because who doesn’t love fresh flowers. Maybe, during these times in lockdown, she might appreciate a streaming subscription to enjoy the latest series and documentaries.

    Now the summer is upon us, how about a monthly wine delivery, including her favorite chablis or chardonnay, or maybe a subscription to a magazine, whether online or physical. Think about what her favorite hobbies are and there will be a subscription out there for her. 

    Mobility equipment

    For elderly people, mobility and a sense of freedom are vital to their sense of worth and well being. Perhaps your Mom struggles to get up and down the stairs and you could arrange to have a chair lift installed, or maybe she is of an age where she can no longer get by without her walking stick.

    If so, there are plenty of different wheelchair designs for the elderly which would make that trip to the shops or the park to see their friends that little bit easier. Maybe your Mom still has use of her legs and a walker is all she needs to do her weekly shop. Whatever she needs, anything that makes those grandkids more accessible will fill her with joy!

    Online tutoring

    The modern world is all about communications and the internet, and many older people can feel like they have missed the boat and that there is no point in learning these vital skills. Why not treat your Mom to an online class to help her navigate the online world? Maybe it could be to teach her social media so that she can better stay in touch with friends and loved ones, or teach her to use podcasts so she can listen to her favorite series.

    Or simply, you could gift her access to online arts and craft tutoring to learn a new skill, whilst she is whiling away those days in isolation.

    Making memories

    Your Mom likely has a drawer full of old photos from her life that she rarely looks at these days. Why not treat her to a scanner so that these can be digitized and then shared with the whole family? If this is too much, who doesn’t love a picture frame so that mantlepiece can show off the new grandchildren? Memories are cherished as we enter old age, so anything to stimulate the mind and bring back those joyful times will put a smile on your Mom’s face.

    As we have seen choosing the right gift in these difficult times is not easy. The chances are that due to the lockdown we will not be seeing as much of our Mom’s as we’d like, so anything digital to enhance communications will bring you all closer together as a family.

    Plants and flowers always brighten up the day, and online tutoring and subscriptions not only help to pass the time but can be educational as well.

    Whatever her tastes the perfect Mother’s day gift is just around the corner, and hopefully using these ideas she will have the perfect day!


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