Handy Items That Can Make Your Work From Home Better

    COVID-19 sent everyone home and we are still in part lockdown in many places. What the coronavirus did though, was to show many employers that their staff was able to complete their jobs from the comfort of their own homes. Something that has never really been a thing for anyone other than freelancers and online business owners. Because of this, there has been a surge of people creating home workspaces intelligently to increase productivity. What should your home office include? Here are some handy things for the home office. 

    Standing Desk

    Gone are the days where people wanted to be sat behind a desk for 8 hours a day. Medical research has shown that it affects our health negatively when we sit for too long so the standing desk was created. 

    Some of these desks are set in one position and you have to stand up the entire time whilst using it, much like sitting desks. However, there is a compromise. Desks that change from seated to standing positions are called converters and will change from one to the other in a matter of seconds. There are electric ones and manual ones, whichever one you chose will have you much comfier throughout the day. 

    When you’re comfortable at your desk you aren’t distracted as much so your productivity should increase. Taking a few seconds to change the position of your desk won’t take up as much time as having to take hours out to go and see a physio. 

    Storage Space

    There’s nothing worse than trying to work in chaos. Even if it’s organized chaos it’s going to be distracting, so investing in some storage space to sit in your dedicated working area is going to be useful. Bookshelves can be helpful and put anywhere and a bookcase will give you ample storage to put any files you might not need all the time. 

    There’s a reason why offices tend to be pretty well kept. A clear office will help keep your mind clear and free for productivity. It will also reduce the amount of time you need to clean the area, removing one distraction from your workday. 


    When it comes to having ideas it’s good to have a place to write them down straight away so you don’t forget. Many people opt for things like an idea journal but having something larger and more visual will help you develop that idea on a larger scale. 

    You can buy freestanding whiteboards or purchase one that is going to mount on the wall. Not only are they good for ideas, but they’re brilliant for keeping track of what needs to be done throughout the day. You can write your daily schedule, personal goals, and maybe even your company’s mantra. 

    An Extra Monitor 

    Working from a laptop screen or a single monitor can be done easily in many cases but sometimes it’s more than helpful to have another you can hook up to your computer. Being able to spread across two screens will allow you to see more information at any one point and allow you to complete tasks quicker and with ease. 

    They’re linked with either an HDMI cable or a VGA cable (these are a little outdated now and most will use HDMI) but it’s an easy job that won’t take long at all. Utilizing a double screen set up will benefit those in design, research, editing, publishing, writing, and many more. 

    High-Speed Internet 

    The last thing you want to happen when you’re on a conference call is for the internet to go down, or be slow enough that the connection keeps tripping. If you have a family then your children could also be using the internet for gaming or watching videos on YouTube so having the best is going to be hugely beneficial. 

    Look for a provider that offers fiber optic connections, these are the quickest and will give you stability when working. 

    Ergonomic Work Chair 

    For when you are in the seated position at your standing desk, it’s best to have something that’s going to keep your posture in the perfect position. An ergonomic work chair does exactly that and will keep you comfortable for hours, or at least until you feel like standing up. Learn more about desk ergonomics especially relating to gaming and computer activities.

    Creating a set up for a home office that will increase productivity is easier than you think, despite having the comforts of the house there to distract you. Create a dedicated area for working and decorate it in calm neutral colors that won’t take your mind away. Ensure it’s clean and tidy and if you need to invest in some furniture to help it stay organized then do so. Working from home is here to stay so start your home office adventure sooner rather than later.


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