What do Nutritionists say About Vitamin Supplements?

    Nobody wants to ruin their body’s health mechanism by taking pills when there is, in actuality, no need. But in any case, if a vitamin or mineral deficiency is detected, consultation with a doctor before adding supplements to the diet is necessary. More people than you can believe, consume dietary supplements all around the world for different purposes.

    For example, you’ll find that several people use these supplements to reduce the risk of health problems while others normally use them to synthesize their diet with as many nutrients as possible. The healthiest of these supplements are the ones that are organic or naturally produced supplements. People who want healthy supplements should check out supplement brands they can trust and rely on such as Natura Made, Vitafusion, Gummies Garden or Nordic Naturals. 

    Why do we need supplements?

    Most of the time, people don’t even realize that they lack some vital nutrients. That’s because everybody’s body reacts differently to different conditions. In spite of everything, the times we live in and the lifestyles that we follow have made supplements a necessity for most, especially rural residents. The reasons range from poor diet, stress and lack of fresh products to environmental pollution.

    About ninety-seven per cent of the nutritionists recommend dietary supplements to deficient patients. That is, in fact, only a shortcut. Following is some information about what most nutritionists prescribe.

    Foods first

    All good dieticians will recommend a healthy diet with a maximum consumption of vitamins and minerals. A professor of nutrition in Pennsylvania implied that foods provide a whole variety of minerals and vitamins and dietary factors that aren’t found in a mineral or vitamin supplement. Plus, some supplements don’t even allow full absorption of nutrients.

    Nmami Agarwal also reminds us that supplements are just garnishing. The real stuff is the food you eat. Therefore, replacing supplements with a healthy diet is not the best course of action and may lead to harmful effects.

    Supplements may suffice

    Despite a healthy diet being the best source of minerals and vitamins, supplements can help when you don’t get adequate amounts of nutrients. In these types of situations, vitamin supplements are a great help. All’s well and good unless you start constituting your meals with pills.

    “Hundred per cent of the regularly recommended allowance for all nutrients is present in a supplement”, said nutritionist Kris Etherton. According to him, in case of lack of nutrients, the use of supplements is alright.


    Which supplements do we need?

    A nutritionist based in Mumbai has conducted research and concluded that vitamins like A, B, E, C and minerals like zinc, chromium, selenium and calcium are regular supplements. Above and beyond, they should be retained as preventive strategies.

    This doesn’t mean that you buy a cart full of vitamin and mineral supplements in the hope of never having any type of deficiency ever.

    Too much good is always bad. Agarwal, along with many other nutritionists, say that extensive use of vitamins and minerals can be extremely harmful to health. An expert will give you the best advice, but here’s some basic information you should know before putting money into supplements; some particular types of combinations work much better together. For example, iron with a lethal dose of vitamin C increases the rate of absorption of iron.

    Which brands do nutritionists usually recommend?

    Your dietician may, when prescribing vitamin supplements, recommend a few brands to choose from. Although they aren’t very different, sometimes, some are much stronger and efficient than others. That’s why nutritionists suggest the right brand for you depending on your condition and the type of deficiency that you have. Following are some popular and expedient brands that you can trust and use their supplements when prescribed by your nutritionist.

    Gummies Garden

    Gummies Garden is one of the most commonly prescribed vitamin supplement brands by most nutritionists. The company offers cGMP certified supplements that are made with all-natural ingredients.

    USANA Philippines

    According to recent research, USANA is the world’s number one brand. Alongside popularity, it may aid in supplementing for you a vitamin and mineral deficient diet.

    Nature Made

    Nature Made is one of the brands which provides you with the best quality and better product. As the name suggests, it produces its product in a completely different and organic way. This brand has been named as the number one nutritionist recommended brand.

    Kirkland Signature

    Kirkland signature is another brand good in quality. You’ll find many nutritionists recommend it to you.


    Vitamin supplements do not fall into the category of the do or die situation. They are simply the stepping stones to a physically fit as well as mentally healthy lifestyle. Doing what’s best for you is probably the best course of action under certain circumstances.


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