How to Prepare for Dental Implant Procedure and the Aftercare

    Dental procedures are par for the course of life. It’s obviously much better to not have to go through them. It’s expected that you’ll like have some work done at some point. Unlike a true surgery procedure, they’re rather cut and dry and take no time at all. Luckily, they’re not very painful nor do they require a lot of prep.

    Even something like a dental implant procedure is rather straightforward. But it’s good to know what to expect before and after all is said and done. A dental implant isn’t anything to worry about and it takes very little to prepare for the before and after. So here is what you need to do for the procedure and aftercare process.

    Get a Dental Exam

    The first thing that will happen is a dental exam. Your dentist is going to check out your teeth and your jaw. As well as any other factors of your oral history and health to see if you are ready to get the implants put in. The professionals behind Littleton Common Dental recommend checking out your preferred dental practitioner’s expectations for a dental exam. They’re usually straightforward, but they may require certain things of you. Or need to pull records to make sure you’re good to go before the procedure.

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    Getting Anaesthetized 

    The next step is during the actual procedure, which involves a local anesthetic. This is done to mediate the amount of pain you’ll feel and keep the area(s) of the dental implants nice and safe. A local anesthetic, if you’ve never had one, simply freezes a portion of your mouth. Not the whole thing and you don’t have to go under either if you’re worried about that. However, some dental implant surgeries will require general anesthesia. Which is where you would be put to sleep for a brief period. Again, it’s par for the course and very safe either way.

    Fasting Before Procedure

    Something that you’ll need to do before a dental implant procedure is fast. This is usually done 12-24 hours before the procedure. The reason for fasting is to make sure you don’t become nauseous. And that nothing goes into the lungs during the operation. It’s also advised to wear comfortably fitted clothing so your body is in a more relaxed state. And there is no constriction of airways or blood flow.

    Taking Care After the Procedure

    Following the dental implant procedure, you should expect to take a few days of rest to recover. This could be as short as 2-4 days, or at most a week. But it’s important to know how to prepare on those days. You’ll want to eat only soft foods/liquids as solids and hard food can damage or interfere with the recovery of the implant(s). You should also limit the amount of exercise you do and stick to simple tasks for the time being.

    Getting a dental implant surgery is quick and easy. As you can see, the recovery process and aftercare are as well. Hopefully, this information helps you feel more comfortable knowing your dental implant procedure is nothing to worry about. Interested now? Go ahead and get your dental implants in modesto soon!


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