What Are Sex Parties and What to Expect

    Sex parties are events designed for hooking up, but they’re also perfect for shy people looking to explore further into their sexuality. How would you picture a sex party? Mysterious people donning masks and performing creepy rituals with their eyes shut? Sweaty orgies where people penetrate one another as a way of saying hi? You might be wrong. 

    There are plenty of sex parties where you’d fit right in. Sex parties are just as the name suggests; it’s a party where people go to either watch or engage in sex. As a beginner, this is what you should know about sex parties and what to expect from one.

    1. Ensure You Stay Safe at Sex Parties

    You need to understand that this is not a birthday party you are attending or any other typical event. Don’t expect to go and sit around holding hands and singing a duet or something like that. The experts behind Cuckin explain that such experiences will welcome you to a whole new level of sexual experiences that you’ve not encountered before. People are going to get drunk and have an excellent time, which includes lots of steamy sex. Make sure that you have protection at all times, just in case you want to “experience.” If it’s a sex party with many strangers in it, always make sure that you have a couple of friends who will always have your back. That way, even if you get a little too drunk, you can still be in safe hands

    2. Ensure You Look the Part

    In as much as everyone in a sex party wants to experience something extraordinary, it is imperative to note that looking good is going to get you laid. So, it wouldn’t hurt if you take some time and invest in some hot undergarments. Smelling good at a sex party is also essential because you don’t want to zero down on your crush and say hi only for your breath to choke him/her to death. So, make sure that your oral hygiene is terrific and, most importantly, ensuring that you invest in some cologne so that you are killing the competition and hooking up with some fantastic people. Shave that “kitten” if you are a girl, and the same goes for guys. If not, at least keep your bush trimmed and well-kept, though it is always a brilliant idea to shave clean if all you want is the sex to be unforgettable.

    3. Do Your Research

    It is evident that people attend sex parties to have sex, so you also need to do your research, especially if it is your first time. Thankfully, there is the internet where you can look up everything or ask your close friends. You can also research different kinds of sexual games, sex positions, and everything about practicing safe sex because it is crucial to always stay safe in as much as we all want to have fun. And the sex aside, you can research how to stay as relaxed and as respectful as possible during these parties because people want to have fun and not get disrespected. Bottom-line, many things need to be considered when talking about a sex party, which means you need to carry out a lot of research before doing anything you’re unsure of.

    4. Don’t Expect the Sex to Happen Immediately

    Don’t expect that you’ll see people ravaging each other once you enter the room, looking all weird; unless you arrive late. People who attend sex parties do a great deal of socializing before the main event. So, don’t just jostle in and drop your pants, expecting that the main event has started. Try to relax, grab a drink, and get to know a few people. Participants use this time to socialize with others and find a potential partner later during the night.

    5. There are Rules for Personal Conduct and Behavior

    You must familiarize yourself with the rules of the party you’re going to attend. Restrictions depend on the party’s nature, with the strict rules of commercially-organized ones to the laxer yet exciting rules of small, private sex parties. Standard rules such as personal hygiene and courtesy should be followed without fail. It’s also essential to note whether the party is singles-only, couples-only, lesbians-only, and so forth. 

    As they say, you will be a changed person after you experience a sex party. Life is all about trying new things, and a sex party can be a great example to kickstart your inner adventurous spirit. As long as you understand the rules, know the limits, and look good, you will end up having a good time.


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