How College Students Manage Coronavirus Stress

    The Coronavirus has changed the world and in a matter of months, it has upended all our lives. As a college student, you aren’t immune to its effects. This virus has placed additional stress leaving you and many others struggling to maintain your mental health during times of social distancing, home quarantine, and missed milestones. 

    How should you deal with this and how do other college students manage this stress? Let’s find out.

    What has changed for students?

    Because of the enforced form of social isolation to flatten the coronavirus curve, universities and other learning institutions have closed down their dormitories and campuses. This has forced students like you to leave the campus community along with your classes, familiar routines, and even your friends. 

    Although some students see this situation as a chance to re-connect with their loved ones, some have no choice but to go back to abusive households, empty refrigerators, and others don’t even have homes to return to. 

    Many students have also lost their local or on-campus jobs. Unfortunately, college students experience these unexpected and abrupt changes. Losing a job on campus has become a big problem, but not for all students. Some of them may continue to make money online by help writing a dissertation for other students.

    How do college students study now?

    For most schools, they have coped with the situation by transitioning to remote learning and online coursework for this school year. For many schools, this is a good thing as they have already started with blended learning. The sudden outbreak of this deadly virus has caught the whole world by surprise. 

    It has put up challenges to the education system across the world, forcing educators to shift to an online mode of teaching without getting the chance to prepare for such mode of education. It is now time to shift entirely to online teaching and e-learning. These days, students receive their lessons, assignments, and communications. 

    Online learning today doesn’t mean that students do less homework than previously. Young learners still need to attend lectures, complete assignments, get marks for them, and even pass online exams. Not all of the students can cope with this online process and are in need of help. “Do my assignment good and fast” is what students looking for from Edubirdie as they know that it’s the most trustful writing service. Professional writers can help to meet deadlines which are very stressful for everyone. This is one of the best ways to get some more free time and feel relaxed.

    The issues that COVID-19 brought up

    Among college students, the risk of depression is above average as this is the stage before transitioning into adulthood. With the rise in Coronavirus cases, conditions now are far from normal as so many things have changed in the different aspects of life. 

    Besides, current studies have revealed major safety issues on different campuses. COVID-19 prevention plans have made many risk managers feel nervous, especially in terms of decisions to bring students back to campus since hospitalizations and infections have constantly been increasing. 

    Adding fuel to these concerns about the sustained spread of the disease in the community is the inability of several institutions to conduct proper testing and to enforce new policies for health and safety. So what should you do as a student?

    How can students study better?

    The good news is that there are many things you can do to stay healthy and cope without breaking down. For one, you must accept the fact that it’s normal to struggle with your focus right now. As such, try to be gentler with yourself. 

    With social distancing and quarantines as the new normal, everything that’s happening in the world is chaotic and this leads to challenges related to your focus and motivation.

    Perhaps the quickest and most effective way to deal with focus issues is to develop a solid routine that places coursework and classes earlier in the day. For instance, if you have focus issues, you should openly communicate with your teachers about your challenges so you can solve these issues together. 

    Furthermore, many student health centers offer psychological services and counseling. Some colleges even offer group counseling and workshops, while there are private organizations that offer texting therapy with the use of apps.


    In today’s world, there is no question that one of the biggest culprits for stress is exposure to social media. You can avoid this by allowing yourself to take a break from exposure to such information as it tends to take a toll on your mental faculties and health. Instead, focusing on the present is the best tool you can use to navigate these challenging times. By remaining focused on what you must accomplish, you can function more effectively while practicing self-care and gratitude. Travelling can be stressful too if you are looking for ways to destress on a holiday read our guide here.

    Author’s Bio:

    Joshua Robinson is a medical expert working with a non-profit in the health sector. He has another part-time job from an academic writing service where he manages health and allied health topics and writes thesis, dissertations and essays. In his free time, he likes to play indoor games, write short stories for kids and watch news channels. 


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