6 Haircuts for Grooms that Never Go Out of Style

    Getting ready to say “I do” to your significant other? Congrats! While all the eyes will be on the bride, the groom should also make sure that he looks his best, starting with getting a classic haircut. Need some inspiration? Below, six timeless haircuts to rock on your wedding day.

    The slick back

    The fact that the slick back haircut that was rocked by the gents back in the 1920s is still worn today shows how classic this haircut really is. For a timeless appeal, rely on the water-based pomade or a matte paste to dampen the hair. Then, use a comb to style it. Think Tom Hardy or David Beckham.

    The slick back is pretty versatile and works for a variety of face shapes, and it’ll most definitely accentuate other facial features such as mustaches and trendy beards and let them steal the spotlight on your big day.

    The French crop

    This is another versatile haircut that works for the majority of face shapes, and it can be an excellent choice for grooms with thinner hair on top. It’s very low-maintenance and is generally worn natural.

    That being said, if you want to style your hair, you can always use a bit of hairspray. Want something more dramatic and edgy for your special day? Consider blow-drying your hair and relying on a pomade to keep everything in place, and get regular haircuts to maintain the look prior to the wedding.

    Side part

    Dating back to the 60s, this haircut provided men with a cool, sleek look without them having to try too hard. It’s quick, it’s easy, and all it takes is sweeping your hair to one side.

    Getting your hair to stay in place will be easier if you have a naturally straight hair since it’ll fall to one side naturally. You will, however, need to rely on hair products such as matte clay to keep those baby strands in place all day long, whether you’re taking photos or dancing and goofing around with your best man. This hairstyle works particularly well for covering up uneven hairlines, and grooms with square and oval face shapes will benefit from this classic cut the most.


    This haircut is very appealing because of its interesting visual effect. The fade effect is achieved by cutting the hair shorter near the bottom and leaving it longer at the top while the length of the hair in the middle part gradually increases towards the top of the head.

    The haircut itself is very practical for warm summer weather, especially in places like Arizona where the temperatures can easily reach 106 °F in July. If you’ve decided on a summer wedding, going for a quality haircut in Chandler AZ is a no-brainer, and with the help of an experienced barber with great technical skills, you can get an on-trend haircut for your big day. A mid-fade haircut such as the one sported by Michael B. Jordan is definitely something you should try if you want a cool, classic look.

    The pompadour

    Inspired by the legendary Elvis Presley, the pompadour haircut is all the rage right now. It’s bold and cool, so it’s no surprise that grooms are heading to their local barbershop to get it. That being said, the pompadour haircut does require a lot of maintenance, and therefore, a lot of patience.

    You’ll also need to get your hands on a strong hair gel to help keep every strand in place. Experiment in weeks leading up to the ceremony until you find the right styling products for your hair. When paired with a beard or a mustache, the pompadour haircut can result in a cool, on-trend look, while simultaneously being timeless and classic.

    The quiff

    Another haircut that’s inspired by an iconic celebrity, the quiff haircut has often been sported by the legendary James Dean who preferred to keep his hair swept back. His iconic hairstyle marked the 50s era and its influence is still noticeable today.

    While the haircut itself may require a bit more maintenance and can only be worn by certain hair types, the quiff is still a classic haircut that’s a great alternative to the pompadour haircut as it’s less polished. Since this hairstyle exposes the forehead, it’s not recommended for grooms with receding hairlines, bald patches, and thin hair. You’ll need a lot of volume and a lot of hair products to get this look, but it will be worth it as it will open up your face and add dimension.

    Wrapping up

    Trends come and go, but classic haircuts are here to stay. Keep these styles in mind when going for a pre-wedding chop and you’ll ensure you look dapper while saying the fateful ‘Yes’. 


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