The Power of Protein Shakes

    Anthony Joshua is British pro heavyweight boxer and he believes in the power of protein shakes for workouts, according to Every day, after breakfast and before lunch, he drinks a recovery shake and then has another one before he goes to bed. Pro athletes like Joshua know that protein fuels muscle growth and makes it easier to recover from workouts. If you want to build more lean muscle mass and recover from training faster, choosing the right protein shake will help you to do it.  This practical guide will provide you with basic facts about protein shakes, as well as information about their health benefits and when you should drink them.

    Basic facts about protein shakes

    Protein is vital for muscle growth and muscle repair, and this is the reason why so many guys drink protein shakes while they’re training. You don’t need to be a heavyweight fighter to gain benefits from these convenient shakes. Sports protein drinks are becoming more popular nowadays with people spending 8 billion pounds per year on shakes and other forms of protein supplements. Some even make their own, by whipping up smoothies that contain protein powder.

    Protein offers other health benefits

    Protein doesn’t just help the muscles to grow and recover from strain. It also gives a feeling of fullness, which is good news for those who struggle to control their appetites. It’s also great news for people with Type II Diabetes, as the feeling of satiety that protein gives makes it easier for them to avoid foods with high glycemic index ratings, such as bread, rice, and pasta. Type II Diabetics should consider making their own smoothies with sugar-free ingredients, including

    sugar-free protein powder. By taking a DIY approach, they may customize their shakes to fit their nutritional needs and dietary restrictions.

    strawberry protein shakes

    When to drink protein shakes

    Now, you know the key benefits of protein, which are significant. You may not know when to drink protein shakes in order to access the best results. To boost fitness and recovery, the experts at recommend drinking a pre-workout protein shake thirty minutes before training. A shake with a mixture of protein and carbs will offer the most benefits. When a shake doesn’t have adequate carbs, the risk of damage to muscles goes up.

    If you’re serious about getting your best body ever, have a shake after a gym session, too. It should also contain carbs, in addition to protein. Whey protein is the gold standard, so don’t settle for less when you’re shopping around for a protein shake. For pre and post-workout shakes, look for drinks that offer a 2:1

    ratio (carbs to protein). Anthony Joshua has his second shake of the day before bed. If you want to try this, have it an hour before you retire.

    Fuel your body for superior fitness

    Without the right fuel, you may never achieve the body of your dreams. Protein shakes will help you to gain muscle from workouts and make it simpler for your muscles to bounce back after training. It’ll also dull your appetite, so it’s easier to avoid fitness-busting foods. Now that you understand the benefits of protein shakes for workouts, why not add them to your daily diet?


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