How to Recreate the Barbershop at Home

    If a man could recollect one of his most enjoyable memories, it would most likely be that time he went for a trim and a cut at the barbershop. The soothing and infinitely relaxing hot towel presses, the careful caring, brushing, and trimming of the beard, and the calming natural oils that enrich the texture, enhance the shine, and improve the look of his mane – unforgettable.

    Many bearded men want and need to recreate that feeling on a regular basis, and now there is a way you can bring this feeling to your friends and customers – by creating your very own barbershop in your own home. Here is how you can recreate this experience down to the beard quotes on the walls.

    Manly elements and materials all the way

    First things first, a barbershop is a manly setting, so there is a need to set the mood just right before you start equipping your workstation and bringing in the fine decor elements. To set the right foundation, you want to think about the design elements every manly setting should possess.

    The industrial design approach that’s been on every interior design magazine’s cover page for several years now is a good point of reference here, and it’s a good starting point for your at-home barbershop. Firstly, consider the colour scheme – usually, dark and vintage hues such as burgundy and cream are best.

    Next, define the key materials. These can be brick, wood, metal, and leather. Being distinctly manly, these materials emanate strength, resilience, and calm wisdom that every modern gentleman should possess. For a complete look, consider exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, a wooden counter and workstation, and leather upholstery.

    Obtain the necessary tools for the job

    The tools might not make the barber, but they sure make his job a hell of a lot easier and can really set his business apart from every other in the field. With that said, there is a need to obtain all of the necessary tools, shaving equipment, and grooming products for an impeccable hair-and-beard styling experience.

    These should include hot towels, beard shampoos, various bristle brushes, a beard trimmer, specialized trimming scissors, various beard combs, shaving oils, a badger hair brush, and a professional straight razor for the cleanest of cuts. Of course, it’s quite easy to clutter up the workstation with all of these products, so be sure to organize your workspace for a seamless, professional look.

    barber tools

    Introduce that unique barbershop vibe

    What makes the trip to a barbershop unique is that one-of-a-kind vibe that permeates the entire room. The manly aromas, the meaningful conversations, the overwhelming feeling of positivity and a strong bond between men, it’s all a part of the styling experience.

    So naturally, it should be your priority to introduce that vibe into your own barbershop, so consider leather couches for the area where your customers and friends can wait their turn while enjoying a casual conversation, and don’t forget to complement each side with a vintage side table. On the walls, you want to let vintage barbershop posters hang graciously while the shelves above contain your most prized possessions and photographs.

    As for the barber’s chair itself, go for a vintage recliner adorned in leather upholstery or look for ergonomic options, like the items in this ergonomic recliner chair reviews.

    barber at workstation

    Laden the shelves with grooming products

    Storage, there’s never enough of it. Storage space in a barbershop should be seamlessly integrated into the decor line, preferably out of sight. However, seeing as how you will need all of your equipment to be available at a moment’s notice, it’s better if you organize your storage space with floating wooden shelves. Simply mount shelves on the walls, in between posters, and around the mirror and place all of your necessities there for easy access and that raw aesthetic appeal.

    Create a place of manly fun

    Lastly, we have the questions of socialization and ambience. Is your barbershop appealing enough to inspire interaction, conversation, and create a unique space where men will love spending their time? Keep in mind that going to the barber’s is an emotional experience, it’s an adventure, and you need to introduce that unique vibe if you are to retain your customers.

    To that end, it’s imperative that you give your customers something to do or talk about while they wait. You can achieve this by accentuating certain areas in the room with unique decor pieces and by creating a boutique experience with refreshments. Simply keep beer and quality spirits on offer and you will have no problem creating a sociable space every man will love.

    barber workstation

    Building your very own at-home barbershop should be a fun and rewarding experience, one that will bring like-minded men together and make you the star barber in the neighbourhood. With these essential considerations in mind, go ahead and create the barbershop every bearded man deserves.

    Bio: Cooper Klein is a bearded dad and an interior designer. He’s currently working from home as a blogger for Smooth Decorator and several online magazines. You can find him on Twitter.


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