Is Chiropractic Care A Good Solution For People Who Suffer From Hair Loss?

    A lot of people have hair issues. Literally, you won’t find anyone who is entirely okay with the way their hair looks. Some people have problems with the texture of their hair—some complain about their hair color. Most of the people who have issues regarding their hair complain about unwanted hair loss. We may think that the act of hair follicles detaching themselves quickly from your scalp is merely due to roughhousing or improper treatment. However, there are plenty of other reasons as well. Chiropractic care has shown its wonders over the past 2 centuries or so. 

    While many people confuse this miraculous treatment method only linked to the spine, there are plenty of benefits of the course. Your chiropractor may also be able to help you in handling hair loss.  

    This article will cover some of the most common reasons people suffer from hair loss and how a chiropractor can help you reduce or eliminate the issue. 

    Reasons for Hair Loss and Chiropractic Care 

    Some of the most common reasons why people suffer from hair loss are: 

    Hereditary Hair Loss

    It is known as the most persistent form of hair loss. Hereditary hair loss is common among men and women across the globe. For males, hair loss usually emerges in a pattern, and this is why it is known as pattern hair loss. Even if you do not have severe alopecia, this condition can actually show significant changes in your hair. 

    Most people inherit this type of hair loss from their ancestors. If your dad had hair that started to fall out in his 40s, you might also develop this condition – especially if you don’t care for them. Hair loss can begin as early as your adolescent years, but it happens typically later in life. A thinning hairline or bald patch at the top of a man’s head is also the first symptom of inherited hair loss.

    Your chiropractor will help improve blood circulation in the body, ultimately improving the blood circulation in your scalp. This will help you reduce the chances of abrupt hair loss at an early age. You also need to make some lifestyle changes, and this is precisely what you should be doing for this condition. 


    Alopecia areata is a condition in which the immune system destroys the hair follicles (which keep the hair in place) and causes hair loss. Hair loss can occur everywhere on the body, including the head, within the nose, and in the ears. Eyelashes and brows can be lost in some people.

    Alopecia is traditionally treated with drugs. These drugs include corticosteroids, which significantly reduce hair loss in specific areas. Hair loss on the head can be slowed by certain shampoos and topicals. With a few basic recovery techniques, a chiropractor who specializes in car accident injuries may be able to alleviate the effects of alopecia. 

    Massage can help to improve circulation, relieve tension, and promote hair development. You may get prescribed some supplements. Remember, this is not medicine. Biotin and zinc tablets of saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol and some other supplements based on your condition can be recommended for daily use. 

    Chiropractic Care Hair Loss


    Due to chemotherapy, many people start losing their hair within weeks of treatment. Months after completing chemotherapy or radiation therapies to the head or body, hair normally begins to regrow. Dermatologists may prescribe medicine to make hair regrow faster. Hair loss can be prevented by using a cooling cap prior to and following a chemo session. 

    People who go through chemotherapy may suffer from intense headaches. Along with treatment, you can take chiropractic care to help you with headaches and regulating blood flow. Once your scalp starts receiving internal nourishment, your hair will grow back much quicker. 

    Product Use 

    You could be affecting your hair if you dye, perm, or spray it. Hair loss may occur as a result of this damage over time. You can avoid hair loss by changing how you care about your hair. Hair cannot emerge from a hair follicle that has been damaged. Permanent bald spots are caused by a large number of weakened hair follicles. You can improve the health of your hair by making changes in the intensity you usually use these products. There are a lot of products available for people who use products. A chiropractor can take a shot at oxygenating your scalp to improve follicle health. Other than that, they will recommend changes in your overall lifestyle and diet to reduce hair damage.

    Hair Styling 

    The way you style your hair can also have a damaging impact on the hair. We all love tight pony curls or high tails – even men. However, wearing a specific style every day that results in tightening hair can damage them and cause severe hair loss. You can actually create some awesome hairstyles without the need to pull them every day. Tight hairstyles can also cause nerve damage which results in some severe changes to your brain and body. A chiropractor will help you alleviate the pressure from your neck and head while improving the function of your nervous system. 


    Scaly and often inflamed patches on your scalp may be caused by a scalp infection. On your forehead, you can see what seem to be tiny black spots. This is simply hair damaging leading to formation of bald spots in some people. The virus can be cured with therapy. Hair begins to regrow until the infection has cleared. Infections are usually caused because of a fragile immune system. People who suffer from car accident injuries are expected to take immunity boosters. A session with your chiropractor can legit improves your overall immunity. They will perform adjustments in your body that increase immunity boosters. You will feel great after a session. However, don’t skip medication if your dermatologist has prescribed you. 


    Hair Care is essential to avoid hair loss. If you suffer from losing hair even due to the touch, it’s about time to make some changes. A chiropractor can help you reverse hair loss and improve your overall condition. 


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