How to Care For Your Hair after Chemotherapy?

    Due to obesity and other health complications, cancer patients in Georgia have started to increase. This is not something to take lightly because going through chemotherapy can have a severe impact on your health. While it provides your body relief from cancer and eliminates the cancerous properties, there are certain side effects. Chemotherapy has multiple side effects, and hair loss is one of the most common ones. People tend to show acceptance towards most of the side-effects, but it is one of the most distressing side-effects of all time when it comes to hair loss. If you are a chemotherapy and cancer survivor, congratulations and have a healthy life. This article is for those getting chemotherapy and cancer survivors looking for ways to take care of hair health after vigorous sessions with their oncologist. Here are a few steps to implement: 

    Understand How to Deal With Hair Loss 

    A lot of people who are diagnosed with cancer share their concerns about losing hair. They mention that for chemo, the worst part is when they lose hair. Of course, the stress of having cancer isn’t a small thing. Hair loss just adds more to it. It gets difficult to handle all that stress. 

    If your loved one is in this situation and you sense they are stressed about it – make some changes. Try to create a positive atmosphere by not reacting to their gradual hair loss. Other than that, make sure that you reassure the individual and tell them that the hair will grow back. If they snap and do not respond back with the same enthusiasm, do not take it to heart. They are already stressed out enough, and this thing is just adding to the emotions. 

    Focus On Your Hair at the Time of Regrowth 

    Suppose you’ve just started chemotherapy or are already into your infusions. In that case, it’s normal to be curious about the time your hair will start to grow back. Some people also wonder whether the rumors of it changing color and shape are valid. The thoughts and feelings that may occur as virgin hair starts to emerge are not discussed that often.

    Most of the time when hair grows again, it is similar to what your hair was before it fell out. However, virgin hair has not been processed or washed with chemical-based shampoos. This makes them really soft and silky to the touch. It’s just like a baby’s hair. 

    It’s also possible for your hair to come out with a completely different texture and hair color. In such a scenario, deal with them accordingly by changing your shampoo and haircare range. 

    Tips to Care for Virgin Hair after Chemotherapy 

    As soon as the hair starts to grow, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and a bit concerned about how it will turn out. You must remain gentle with your new hair. This involves keeping in mind a few tips and tricks to successfully handle your hair.

    Chiropractic Care for Regrowth 

    Chiropractic medicine has worked wonders over the last two centuries or so.

    Although many people misinterpret this miracle healing technique as just one related to the spine, there are many advantages to the path. Your chiropractor will also be able to assist you with hair loss.

    Even during treatment, you can visit your chiropractor in Tucker, GA. They will perform a series of adjustments and manipulations to your spine and nervous system that directly impact cancerous growth in your body as well as their side effects. 

    Chemotherapy patients can experience excruciating headaches. In addition to surgery, chiropractic medicine may assist with headaches and blood pressure regulation. Your hair can grow back even faster until your scalp begins to receive internal nourishment.

    Hair Care After Chemotherapy

    Hair Styling Products 

    Doctors recommend that when your hair starts growing back, it’s probably really sensitive towards processed chemicals and styling products. You need to avoid the use of different curling and styling products that result in changes to the way your hair looks. 

    Straighteners and curling irons add excessive heat to the hair, while your coloring products like dye and bleach actually such the moisture out of your hair by depositing ammonia. This is not good for the scalp that just went through radiation and powerful medication. Avoid all these products and flaunt your natural hair for as long as you can. 

    Gentle Brushing and Hair Drying

    Completely avoid harsh brushing your hair. Since it is a virgin and has not faced any chemical processing yet, be gentle to your hair. Your hair is similar to that of a child so try using a brush that is easily used on a baby. Also, notice the texture and shape your hair grows back in. Based on the texture of your hair, pick a hairbrush. We also recommend that you avoid blow-drying your hair. However, if you have to do it at all costs, use it on low settings and, of course, cooler air to dry. 

    Regular Trimming and Hair Care 

    Regularly cutting the ends of new hair will enhance its appearance. It is important not to overstress the hair by wearing it in short, rolled-up designs. 

    Some people also consider getting hair extensions for their growing hair. This could not be the right option because weaving may damage hair follicles and hair extensions, and weaving can strain existing hair. So instead of stressing out your hair, give your follicles time to grow. 

    When you visit your chiropractor in Tucker, GA, do talk to them about the nutritional & lifestyle changes to build strength. Certain essential oils and, of course, items from the menu add to the strength of your hair.


    Chemotherapy can actually harm your hair. If your hair is just starting to grow back, you need to consider a few things about virgin hair care. Now feeling overwhelmed is okay as long as you are not stressing yourself out. Focus only on your treatment first and then hair. When the hair grows back, avoid styling and processing. Seek the services of a chiropractor who will make adjustments and give you lifestyle advice on how to properly care for your hair. 


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