Sessions with a Chiropractor Can Actually Improve Hair Health – Here Is Why

    Sometimes we experience a little change in the way our hair usually looks. For instance, thinning, coarse hair, unhealthy and damaged hair but it’s actually our fault. Nowadays, people use so many products on their hair that they legitimately become damaged. Hair loss is one of the most common issues that the majority of Americans suffer from. 

    If we look at the deeper picture, our overall health is directly linked to hair health. If you are not eating properly or staying hydrated, it will have an impact on your hair. If you are on steroids, it will change the way your hair looks. Either way, these changes should be handled with care and consideration.

    Why Does Hair Change Over Time? 

    Your hair can grow curlier, straighter, thinner, or coarser over time. Many of these changes are caused by aging, but there are a variety of other explanations other than age. Stress, diet, and hormone fluctuations all affect the structure of your hair.

    If you’re grappling with hair texture changes, we’ve got all the information you’ll need to figure out what’s going on with them. Continue reading for a rundown of the possible causes of hair texture alteration, and remedies for dealing with the problem. Let’s discuss some of the major reasons that may cause changes in your hair: 


    Your genes are a major contributor to the changes in your hair over time. If you want to make a strong hypothesis on how your hair will change texture, look at your parents’ hair. Most people start losing hair right after puberty because this is how it turned out for their mom or dad – or both. 

    Androgenic Alopecia is the most common genetic disease that causes hair loss. It can occur in some individuals from a very early age. Usually, the person loses hair from the top of the head and with each passing cycle from other parts of the head until it’s completely shed. In this disease, it is hardly likely that your hair will grow back. 


    Our daily routines also have a major impact on the general fitness of our hair. Heat may be to blame if you’re seeing thinning at the ends of the hair rather than the roots. This is due to the fact that we always run our curling or flat irons over our ends, allowing them to become dry and brittle. Fortunately, this kind of texture transition is easily avoided. Simply reduce the amount of time you spend styling with heat and use safety materials like styling sprays. Other than this, there are plenty of serums in the market designed to actually treat your hair.


    Hair texture is also influenced by one’s diet. Your strands can get weaker if you don’t get enough protein, iron, or essential fatty acids like omega-3s in your diet. This is due to the fact that your hair takes a lot of nutrients to replicate. For healthy hair, keep foods like salmon, dairy, leafy vegetables, and eggs in your refrigerator. Other than this, if you are a vegetarian, opt for nuts as a source of protein. Keep supplements like cashew powder in your diet. 


    Stress is one of the major contributors to hair loss or damaged hair. With busy schedules and an overall demanding lifestyle, it is hard for people to stay calm at all times. You can get stressed, and it is completely okay to take a break from everything. Stress can actually damage your hair. Most men start losing hair because of stress and depression. A stressed-out person sheds over 100 strands a day. This is quite prominent, especially if you have fine hair. If you notice a change in your hair and mental health, it is time to make some changes in your lifestyle. 

    How Does Chiropractic Care Help Your Hair? 

    Chiropractic care is a drugless attempt to reduce neuromusculoskeletal problems. You can actually feel a lot better even after the first session. Chiropractors usually focus on eliminating health issues from the root instead of just concealing them with medication and products. If you have obvious health issues, it is possible to remove them by taking a chiropractic session. The doctor will examine your overall condition and perform adjustments as required. Your spinal cord is made up of the brain and the central nervous system. The central nervous system is responsible for the overall performance of the body. Spinal misalignments lead to nervous system damage. This can lead to multiple complex health issues. Thyroid conditions, autoimmune diseases, digestion complications, and poor immune system activity are just a few examples that can be linked to nerve damage and, ultimately – your hair.

    Here are some reasons why chiropractic care directly benefits your hair: 

    Improves Blood Circulation 

    One of the primary benefits of opting for chiropractic care is that it improves blood circulation, which ensures that the scalp is getting sufficient nutrition. 

    Hair Health Chiropractor

    Reduces Headache

    Chiropractic care reduces headaches caused by ponytails, especially if you are wearing them on a daily basis. Other than that, you should also consider regularly brushing your hair and massaging. 

    Oxygenates Organs 

    It oxygenates your overall organs, and healthy organs show healthy hair. 

    Diet and Lifestyle Changes

    Chiropractic professionals are also known to advise you about health. If your diet is the cause of unhealthy hair, they will certainly give you advice on how to change for the better. If you are required to increase protein intake, consider adding cashew powder to your diet. 

    Reduce Stress 

    Stress is a major reason why people lose hair. Your chiropractor will help you eliminate stress. Needless to say – happy you, happy hair! 


    Chiropractic care has been around for quite a while now. Even though we cannot give our hair proper time and attention, sessions with a chiropractor can actually have a positive impact on your hair health. Just make sure that you do what your alternate care professional has recommended. With simple adjustments and modifications, your hair will also be able to breathe and get healthy.


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