How Filtered Water Helps in Maintaining Healthy Skin

    We take pride in maintaining our physical and mental health. But, do we actually take the time to care for our physical well being; our skin? 

    When certain substances come into contact with our skin, we are indirectly laying credence to the fact that we do not really care about our skin health, and one such substance is unfiltered water. 

    Unfiltered water is any water that contains contaminants such as chlorine, fluorine but to mention a few. Apart from not lathering with soap easily, unfiltered water causes more harm to our skin than we could imagine. But how can we bypass the effect of unfiltered water on our beautiful skin? Not just with a great water faucet with a filter.

    The answer is quite easy: by drinking filtered water and know all the information. Filtered water is any water including hard water that has been passed through a water softener or water filter to convert it to soft water, via the use of water ionizers.

    Let’s dive into some of the amazing benefits of using filtered water on your skin:

     Boost Your Skin’s Hydration

    This is particularly good for individuals with extremely dry skin. If you want to have a shot at getting a skin with adequate moisture; try out filtered water. A consequence of taking filtered water is having skin cells which are properly hydrated and are routinely replenished. So, with more skin cells, your skin’s elasticity increases giving you adequate skin protection and maintaining your skin health in general.

    Anti-aging effect

    We all have seen an 80-year old granny looking so young; younger than we can imagine. We all wish to look like that when age. What if I told you the answer to your wish is drinking filtered water. Most aging effects including skin wrinkling can be cautioned by making use of filtered water in our homes.

    man drinking healthy filtered water

    For instance, getting an acid neutralizer means having water at neutral pH levels while installing a reverse osmosis system results in the elimination of heavy metals and contaminants from your water- which all leads to quick aging.

    Better skin barrier

    We all want skin that can protect us from various nematode diseases such as ascariasis by offering a good barrier. What a water filter does include producing water high in anti-oxidant and other ingredients that boost collagen production in the skin. 

    Improves skin’s thermoregulation capacity

    The skin’s job of maintaining a constant internal temperature is a tasking one that can be backed by drinking filtered water. Especially for constructors, working under the blazing sun would have minimal effect on your skin if you drink filtered water as you would have increased moisture levels.

    Expels body odor

    When you buy perfumes with nice fragrances and use nice soaps on our skin, we all have one aim- get away with body odor. What if I told you that washing your face with unfiltered water could lead to body odor? Yes, I mean it. Unfiltered water could have been chlorinated leading to the chances of retaining a bad smell by the water. So, when you wash your skin, its odor automatically has a negative impact on your skin health.

    Radiant skin

    Even if our body finds a way of drawing out water from the food we eat, drinking of adequate filter water could supplement its source. Also, when we apply unfiltered water to our skin, the scales from this water could contribute to its dreariness. Use of filtered water prevents this and aids skin glow.

    Wrapping up

    Using a few bucks to install a water filter would probably be your best shot at maintaining your skin health. Try it out!


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